Kogi Gov’ship: PDP Fighting a Lost Battle Against APC

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“A man who lack the wisdom, experience and capability to keep a woman in his house as wife, is not qualify to govern a state.”

The People Democratic Party has no winning political strategies in the forthcoming governorship election in Kogi state.

In the just concluded PDP primary election in Kogi state that produced Senator Dino Melaye as the party’s flag bearer for the forthcoming governorship election in the state has pave way for the All Progressive Congress (APC) victory.

The All Progressive Congress flag bearer, Alh. Ahmed Ododo Usman, the former auditor general of Kogi state, will win the forthcoming election from his comfort zone as PDP has produced a weak and failed candidate for the election.

PDP is the only political party that APC is concerned about as other parties contesting for the forthcoming governorship election has no political structure.

Peoples Democratic party is the strongest opposition party in Kogi state and Nigeria at large. PDP has just compensated Senator Dino Melaye with a governorship ticket for being the best attacker of the opposition party, and for being the best mimicker, comedian, expert in jumping out of police moving vehicle and the being the citizen who has attempt killing himself to put the entire country in problem.

Kogi governorship election is beyond Dino Melaye as he did not have what it takes to govern a state as a person. Dino Melaye was a member of the House of Representatives representing Kabba/Ijumu federal constituency and a member of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) in 2011.

In 2015 Senatorial election, he was elected a member of the Senate of Nigeria from the Kogi-West.

Senator Dino Melaye has nothing significant to show as a member of House of Rep and Senate apart from 3 block rooms he built in a school and repainting of class room and borehole that he dug in few areas in his constituency. He used his constituency allowance to buy himself world class latest cars. Dino Melaye’s arrogance and extravagant life style has physically, spiritually and emotionally put him is a state of lost in the forthcoming election in Kogi state.

If PDP really want to put a good fight and take Kogi state back from APC, they would have picked a credible, competent and a contented candidate but they ended up being so myopic by picking Dino Melaye, a man who purposely choose never to be a responsible man.

For PDP to pick Dino Melaye as their flag bearer for the forthcoming election is as a trap to give Dino Melaye the biggest disgrace and embarrassment of his life as a payback for all the embarrassment he has embarrassed PDP and the good people of kogi.

This is the man that strongly stood against PDP in 2015 in both state and federal election and Dino Melaye seriously mock Captain Idris Ichala Wada that PDP is dead and buried as far as kogi in concerned I can tell you today that Senator Dino Melaye contributed to Captain Idris wada and PDP failure in kogi state but today the same Senator Dino is seeking for PDP and Captain Idris Wada support to become the next governor of the state. 

Dino Melaye only cares about his interest not the interest of the people as he always claimed on Tv and that is why he is politically unstable.

The good people of kogi can not vote a man who lives an extreme luxury life style that the state allocation can not even buy two of his car.

The luxury cars in Senator Dino Melaye garage that worth billions of naira one is enough to transform the live of kogites.

How can PDP present to the good people of kogi a man that even the state allocation is not enough for him to buy his desire luxury car.

Senator Dino Melaye is the founder of Dino Melaye anti corruption network team Abuja, how has this network benefit our society ? What Dino Melaye does with the Anti corruption network is for him and his team to secretly spy and investigate into people’s wealth especially his fellow politician and if he founds out that you have embezzled public fund he Dino Melaye will come for his share and failure to give him part of the fraud money he will escalate it to the world, this is what Dino Melaye does with his Anti corruption network team.

I will join the good people of kogi state to congratulate Alh. Ahmed Usman Ododo the APC candidate in advance for his victory as the next governor of kogi state by God grace. 

Alh. Ahmed Ododo Usman the former auditor general of kogi state has touch the lives of so many people across the state and profile elders in his community on monthly salary from his pocket and has empower youths and market women and built a standard well equipped hospital in his community Opogoro okene and other social amenities.

Even from a blind and deaf man analysis, APC will win the forthcoming governorship election in kogi state irrespective of the circumstances surrounding the election because Ododo still remains Ododo even if spelt backward.

– Ahmed Dinar Abdulmumin



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