Celebrating a Consummate Entrepreneur and Humility Personified Philanthropist, Dr. Ralph Arokoyo

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Every generation has had its fair share of successful young entrepreneurs.

It is now the turn of Dr. Ralph Arokoyo, procreated to make his own input and income in innovative ways. In a similar fashion like others who have made footprints indelible, the savvy and firebrand Ralph started early to pursue entrepreneurship as a means to leave a mark on the globe. 

Dr. Arokoyo is a young and very versatile adult who finds opportunities to start and operate a business even when the business environment isn’t friendly and economically unwise! 

For daring to make a difference and be a trail-blazer where some of his competitors fizzle out, the famous Raphael Arokoyo Foundation (RAF) is what it is today to the glory of God Almighty! 

Over the years, the positive impact on humanity and life – changing success through the RAF Foundation have clearly shown that failure and the fear of failure should not be the end of your entrepreneurship journey. Rather, allow failure to motivate you and use it as a catalyst to refine your strategy. 

Through Ralph Arokoyo Foundation and in fulfilment of his Corporate Social Responsibility via its chains of business conglomerate, he is the largest employer of labour in Okunland, Kogi State, Nigeria.

— Donates generously educational materials, school wears and shoes to Pupils in Kabba-Bunu Local Government Area.

— Purchased 3 Pieces of MFP M130a Laser Jet Printer to three indigenous Secondary Schools in Kabba-Bunu LGA.

— Distribution of thousands of writing pads to students.

— Payment of school fees and scholarship schemes for numerous students in tertiary institutions.

— Communal Interface & Outreaches with basic infrastructures.

— Silent but impactful uplifting of the downtrodden in the Society, etc. 

True to your nature, you are making each day special just by being yourself around the indigent majority.

You illuminate the darkest moments in the life’s of people through your acts of showing love, kindness and generosity. 

Without sounding immodest, are you one of the personality who has lived his life being charitable? It is a yes, yes yes because you’re a servant of the poor. 

Your employees would say the same, because you’re that rare breed, happy and friendly dude who takes solace in guiding people through the right path.  Your life is indeed, a lesson to all because your positive mien, actions and silent benevolence is worth emulating.

Positing that you’re one of the most fun-seeking and loving person every young chap should cling to, your interest in the growth and development of youths make people wonder how you make out time for your numerous business Interests and tight schedules.

You’re passionate about a lot of things, sometimes outsiders question why you have to do so much but then all these sums up who you really are. No better way to describe your genuity and intentionality.

The journey of silently feeding families and caring for the needy in this period of economic somersault could have been made possible without you pushing the goal of sustaining the poor in their lack. 

You have continued to make many to laugh, smile again, many survived, the hopeless  become hopeful because you gave them reason to be.

Going memory lane! Memories of the poor women and school children who danced to the love they received from you your Foundation, laughter on the faces of those who couldn’t comprehend the fact that someone remembered them, the tears that flowed from the eyes of those who never expected the love extended, the songs of praise and thanksgiving to God from the poor widow.

Having given your time, energy and resources with enthusiasm to serve humanity, you’re a priceless and precious gift to your generation.

As you celebrate your birthday on Wednesday, April 26, may the Lord continue to reward you with greater success and enviable distinction in your future endeavours.

Dr. Ralph Arokoyo is a Nigerian business magnate, proactive entrepreneur and philanthropist.

– Tony Oloniruha wrote from Kabba.

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