Opinion: Yahaya Bello and His Third Term Agenda

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Over the years, the other major ethnic groups in Kogi State (the Ebiras and the Okun) see Igalas as being greedy with power.

Anytime I have an opportunity to discuss/chat with my friends from Kogi Central and West, I keep telling them that power isn’t easy to relinquish. That, if they doubt me, they should ask Tiv in Benue, Jukun in Taraba, Ikwere in Rivers etc

One thing is certain, the will of God is greater than that of man. Prince Abubakar Audu died while coasting to victory in 2015 governorship election and Yahaya Bello was dragged in to continue the race and he won and became the first NON IGALA to govern the state as civilian governor.

To cut the long story short, Eight (8) years after, Yahaya Bello who was preaching equity, fairness and justice before and even at the beginning of his tenure, doesn’t see any reason why power should shift to the West for the sake of equity, Justice and fairness. Instead he anointed his immediate past Auditor General for local government Alh Usman Ododo, his kinsman who was reported in some quarters to be his cousin.

His actions have proved so far that the Igalas weren’t greedy with power, and he has also proved to be more ethnic bigot than the previous Igala governors.

In his two terms in office;

•He gave the commissioners of all the juicy ministries like the ministry of finance, works and housing, local government and chieftaincy affairs etc to only Ebiras (go and verify)

•In all the committees he set up in 8 years, all had Ebiras as Chairman and Okun or Igalas as secretary

•The distribution of local governments in Kogi state remains, Kogi East 9, West 7, Central 5. Guest what? The ALGON chairman is from KW that has 7 LG and the Secretary is from KE that has 9LG (go and verify). What this means is that KE is completely relegated under Bello

•In all the years Igalas were at the helm of affairs as Kogi governor, they NEVER retain the party chairman in Kogi East because it’s against the constitution of all political parties both at Federal, State and local government level. Bello has been governor for 8 years and the party chairman has remained in Kogi Central for 8 yrs. (Go and verify)

The list of Bello’s atrocities and political greediness is endless.

The ÊNÊMUNÊMÊ advocates from Kogi East never see Bello as a tribal bigot. What they failed to understand is that there is a difference between “governor’s decision” and “party’s decision”. Anointing his kinsman as his successor is governor’s decision not party’s decision.

As it stands, Kogi Central has Ododo, Kogi West has Dino Melaye and Kogi East has ?

Bello has called for ‘ethnic election’ and every zone must stand by their son(s). While others are saying “bring it home” some of the Ênêmunêmê advocates are saying party’s decision is supreme

Will Bello succeed in installing his kinsman from his local government to cover his illicit transactions and loots? Only November 11, 2023 has the answer to this question

– Abdulkadir Attaboh
Concerned Kogite

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