Between Oyegun and Adams Oshiomole

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The battle line has been drawn for the soul of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the forth coming elections in 2019. In what could be referred as clear “sidelining”, the Bourdilon boss, Sen. Bola Tinubu’s axing of Oyegun’s tenure elongation in preparation for his try at the Presidency, come 2019 has jugulared the consolidated structure that has been built by the APC in different states across the country. The resultant effect of this crisis could sharp-knife the chances of the APC, returning to office in 2019.

To what extent of financial muscle and territorial changes would accrue from a new national, state and ward congresses which may through up new party leaders across the chain, imbalancing the already built structures and firm control the Governors have in their zones.

The major worry for some of these governors are issues of national support from the party chairman, Chief Odigie along with the dystopia of electioneering preparation as it relates to the time frame between now and February 2019 elections.

For Tinubu, it has been rumored that one of his demands for joining support for Buhari in 2019 would be in the ratio of removing Chief Oyegun as party chairman as well as mobilizing funds to compensate those who sowed heavily into the 2015 election that rail-roaded Buhari into power. In another truism, Tinubu has no firm control over Oyegun, whom he worked to install in 2015. According to the fracas, it was revealed the the preferred candidates of Tinubu for Governorship in Ondo and Kogi State were not supported by Oyegun, whom Tinubu felt had betrayed him in loyalty.

What are the other mileage?

The APC has been factionalized into power divisions. With the El Rufai/ Amaechi group, Ibikunle Amosun’ group and the Tinubu faction. With the Amosun’s group wagering for a new APC Chairman in Former Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomole, there’s jittery within the camp of El-Rufais whose states are somewhat factionalized but enjoying support from Oyegun. The calculation is a triage:

1. If Oyegun is removed, would Oshiomole align to the existing foundation of support in the factionalized states?

2. Would Oshiomole be an independent Chairman or would do the biddings of Sen. Tinubu?

3. What would be the fate of the APC’s electoral chances if congresses are held with new leaders across board?

– Promise Emmanuel (Kogi Rebel)

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