Dr Friday Alih: A Rare Political Breed And Why He Must Be Re-elected

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I have never been so privileged to make judgement without a case until recently, when I was traveling from Lokoja to Abuja in a public vehicle. But before then, I have already met with the subject of judgement – a proud physician, humble politician, erudite lawmaker and man of uncommon integrity, Hon Dr Friday Alih on a number of occasions. Good enough, I’ve also had the opportunity to engage his flamboyant instinct on a series of topic from faith to governance and even life on a broad term.
So, by virtue of this antecedents, I was probably looking for the slightest means of joining the conversation of his constituents as he, Hon Dr Friday Alih was the cynosure of their discussion. In their toast, he was X-rayed relatively to his predecessors in office,  personal perceptions, their impressions about his party – PDP and finally what they hear people say of him.
Going by my privilege of association with him over time, I have grown deep in the understanding of his purposeful and foresight leadership. His genuine desire to promote the agenda of social advancements cum human and infrastructural development is immeasurable.
The medical doctor turned honorable politician is at the moment probably the most unfortunate personality in Ofu political space but I’m confident that he is like every other smart politician, poised with the ability to come out strong should his immediate disadvantages attempt to hunt him. As much as these disadvantages are reserved facts, I will for the purpose of this piece highlight it, cogently.
Whereas Dr Alih is to me like a crusader who wish to create a niche for himself in the political arena by virtue of how he has been propagating his identity and passion with serious intention to give his party and empire life, a non partisan political observer will agree no less that his political zone in Ofu local government is enjoying the glitz of political dominance over their Itobe and Ugwolawo contemporaries.
So, while the commuters were enjoying themselves with the discussions that was intended to eulogise Hon Dr Alih, my plight was in what they felt as a plus for his axis – occupying the post of Commissioner, assembly member and administrator which should in fairness be evenly spread across the three zones of the Kogi eastern Ofu local government area. If in any event this becomes a public outcry tomorrow. I want to as a result of my curiosity and longevity wishes for the unarguably performing lawmaker suggest a formulae that is sure to render equity.
Impressed at constituents making such good testimonies about a man I have dined with, I feel I owe him much considerations and ideas for conflict resolutions insofar as he is directly involved for he is “my personal person” as well as someone that needs our collective support in his drive to project Ofu for greatness.
No matter how long anyone shy a way from the foregoing, it’s difficult for any rational politician to be simply comfortable with the manner these districts are ignored from the scheme of political offices. Neither will the indigenous people too be comfortable with the “be powers” that put up such charade, inconsiderate, sectional and myopic appointments.
However and with due respect to all interests, I make bold to say I see commonsense in Hon Dr Friday Alih been returned to the house while Itobe and Ugwolawo axis “permutate” for future credible chairman and figure for a large state appointment. That is my frank and candid expression of opinion and not a dogma or motivated thought.
In fact, I am highly enamoured by the fact that should Ofu tactically and wisely count their eggs, they are the most favourite local government in the events incumbent Hon Emmanuel Egwu decides to go for something higher than house of representatives. That Ibaji, Idah and Igalamela has ruled before it came to Hon Emmanuel Egwu, the good people of Ofu should think deep to embrace and champion a common cause for one of the two relegated districts.
As a matter of fact, what will be shall surely be but before then, the spontaneous attention this commuters caught me to has an odium that in unequivocal terms means Hon Dr Friday Alih has in a very short time cut a niche for himself in Ofu political space and I’m sure the humble doctor knows too that his integrity has made him a golden fish in the ocean of great men of honour.
At this juncture, I recall to have heard a rumour that passed my ears like a breeze storm on how he, Dr Alih turned down a multi million naira bait to defect from the party which sponsored him to the office he presently occupies. Knowing that in the country and state which we live in, freedom of expression is everyone’s right, I refrained from censuring those who chose to carry the rumour about but humbly admonish his party not to allow a slip of him if this rumor happens to be true.
Finally, with the benefit of my own right to freedom of expression too, I say without fear or favour that men like Hon Dr Friday Alih are rare and both his party and constituents must do everything legally and humanly possible to return him back to the house, whether he likes it or not!
– Comrade A. M. Nasiru writes from Keffi, Nasarawa State
Twitter Handle – @amnasiru

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