BEBM Exhibitions: ROT-SHADE Resonates Kogi’s Mineral Resources Potentials 

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The 6th to 8th December, 2022 will always remain indelible in the annals of history for stakeholders and practitioners of the built environment and solid mineral development industries in Kogi State.

It was a gathering of stakeholders desirous of building linkages, marketing resources, learning new skills and methodologies and above, an avenue of showcasing both mineral deposits and products that are in abundance in Kogi State.

The event christened “Kogi Built Environment and Building Materials Exhibitions” BEBM had the theme, ‘Building Smart Environment Using Made in Nigeria Building Materials’ was held at the Conference Arena of the Idrinana Hotels and Suites Lokoja, the Kogi State capital.

The event will remain a reference point for both public and the private sectors on conversation on built environment sector, investors, professionals and manufacturers of building/construction materials on new ideas in the built environment for years to come. The event was also used to showcase new building materials and construction technology.

Kogi State alone has a total of about twenty- nine mineral deposits available in commercial quantities. They include coal, dolomite, feldspar, bauxite, iron ore, tar, limestone, gold etc. Each of the twenty- one LGAs in the state has deposits of at least two mineral resources.

One of the coal-rich areas is the Okaba district of Ankpa LGA which alone holds reserves of 99 million tonnes of coal. As things stand, Kogi State alone has enough deposits of coal to supply all parts of Nigeria with electricity for the next 400 years.

Kogi State alone holds enough limestone to keep 3 giant-sized cement factories (with over 15m tons annual capacity) operational for an unbroken stretch of 99 years.

Beside the above, a special session was held to discuss the mineral deposits in Kogi State vis a vis its potential for the economic rejuvenation of the state and the nation at large.

Amongst the exhibitors that graced the event at the Solid Mineral/Mineral Resource Pavilion is the Rot-Shade Global Resources Limited with operational base in Lokoja.

Rot-Shade Global Resources Limited usually prided as the most reliable investor and sales outlet for the supply of solid minerals deposits in Kogi State. The company during the conversation sessions both at the opening ceremony called on government at all levels and the private investors to initiate reforms that will promote the development of small scale businesses in the solid minerals development sector. The company participated in two main technical dialogue sessions, where it reaffirmed Kogi State capacity to supply mineral resources required for building materials producing companies in the state.

The 2022 edition of the exhibition was brought to a close with an award dinner for stakeholders and practitioners on Thursday 8th December, 2022. The ceremony was also used to recognise the contribution of the Chief Executive Officer of the Rot-Shade Global Resources Limited, Dr. Rotimi Olarewaju Bolufemi towards the promotion of small business initiatives in solid minerals development, value chain and the support to the youths through education thereby reducing challenges to decent environment.

Presenting his citation at the event, Dr. Rotimi Olarewaju Bolufemi was described as a consummate investor par excellence. He was born into a very humble family on the 5th September, 1968 in Okoro –Gbedde in Ijumu Local Government Area of Kogi State.

He is a unique and stupendous man who has a crystal-clear vision for his people. He knows their needs, he identifies with their problems, he takes time to analyze the challenges and he goes all out to solve them. He is a man with many parts, a politician with high pedigree. He believes in team-work. He is a manager of talents and resources, he is devoted to excellence. He has transferred most of these attributes to his private businesses which have equally catapulted him to the peak of the business world and into politics.

He has won and received several awards and accolades for his immense contributions to humanity both locally and internationally. For his contributions to human society, Dr. Rotimi Bolufemi holds a honorary chieftaincy title of Olimene Eje Olamaboro Kingdom.

He was presented with a special award at the ceremony as the Distinguished Built Environment Development Award.

The conveners of the exhibition, BEBM Exhibitions, also used the ceremony to unveil her internet aided medial platform, NIGERIAN building materials Online Updates. This is a monthly online tabloid aimed at promoting discussions on Made in Nigeria Building Materials.

The success story being told here today about Dr. Bolufemi is as a result of his commitment and concern for the poor and his commitment to the solid mineral development of Kogi State. He is a critical investor in the solid mineral resources and mining in the state. He has through his company developed the built environment and small business in the state and created hundreds employment opportunities for the youths. Kudos to this very great man of conscience and the man of the moment!

Dr. Bolufemi is happily married to a demure and humble lady, Mrs. Josephine Folashade Bolufemi and the marriage is blessed with three cheerful children.

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