Battle of Who Will Represent Yagba East Constituency in Kogi House of Assembly

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The dice are about to be cast, the election is special because it is going to be a true test of what the State House of Assembly is going to be in the next four years, Yagba East in Kogi State has now become a strong political atmosphere.

The Main Contenders.

The House of Assembly race in Yagba East state constituency is between four leading contenders. They are Chief Adesoji Odofin of African Democratic Congress (ADC), Emmanuel Obaro of All Progressives Vongress (APC), Olusegun Peter of Labour Party (LP) and Engr Bisi Ojuola of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Chief Adesoji Odofin of ADC.

Adesoji David Odofin: ADC candidate in the Kogi State House of Assembly election for Yagba East, Kogi state, is a business man, an entrepreneur with managerial expertise.

So far, Chief Adesoji Odofin has been said to have gained the most favorable support base from the people especially from youths, professionals, entrepreneurs, men and women with other individuals who are not politicians.

He is also said to have the backings of some influential individuals whose support is based on his origin, Mopo Isanlu, family background and growth as a young man who maintains high-standard records.

Similarly, most people prefer him because of his humility, and ability to relate very well without animosity, and he is said to be approachable any day, anytime. Besides his intimidating credentials, vast experience, versatility, and exposure locally and globally through quality professional engagements, research, and development, Chief Adesoji is said to be loved by many due to his humble nature and stability.  

Above all, he is said to have raised the standard, because of his presentation in the political space, culminating in a paradigm shift in public perception of politics as a haven for all in society. He is described as a “freelancer” considering his free approach to people irrespective of their political party. But Adesoji is not the regular politician.

Prince Emmanuel Obaro of APC.

Prince Emmanuel Obaro is the candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC). He is also brother to a former Local Government Chairman in Yagba East from Itedo. He has always campaigned with the “Awa Lokan” slogan as the people begin to ask questions and wonder what Prince Emmanuel does for a living. He is also alleged to be into shady deals and his daily living remains controversial and a mystery to many.

While some people think he is too pompous, arrogant, and unapproachable, others enunciated why he can’t represent them because elective positions are not meant for their family members alone.

Also, he is considered to be one of the few candidates who have a bright chance, especially with the widespread claims that the government has given all appointees the mandate to go and deliver the party candidate.

However, the people have always perceived that the government wants to enthrone against the people’s will but also there are too many historical voices of why Prince Emmanuel Obaro can’t be elected despite claiming to be the next in line.

Olusegun Peter of Labour Party

Olusegun Peter is the LP candidate in the House of Assembly election. He is also said to be a Pastor but on a desperate mission. He is linked to two different sides; ordinarily he contested and participated in the ADC primary election where he lost, and hurriedly left ADC for Labour Party. He was also said to have become a serial contestant in every election but has not been able to gain grounds politically.

Another lingering issues on Olusegun Peter is his origin. He is said to have come from Itedo Amuro, but claimed Isanlu Makutu out of desperation. To some people, place of origin does not matter but to others, they consider origin and family background which were both not in his favour.

Olusegun retains the Labour Party flag as another force that will either pull in or out of space during the State Assembly election. It was also alleged that the LP candidate has some family crisis he has tried to hide from the public space, but it has become the talk of the town.

Although he is trying his best to make LP a force in Yagba East, the efforts are not favourable enough. Labour Party is one of the unpopular political parties that has no structures in Yagba, particularly Yagba East LGA.

Engr. Bisi Ojuola of PDP

Engr Ojuola Olabisi is the PDP candidate for Kogi State House of Assembly.

Engr Bisi Ojuola is a man who has been in the political space for a long time. He was one of the contenders in the last Local Government election where he lost to Hon. Razak Asiru, the incumbent Local Government Chairman of Yagba East.

Nevertheless, the PDP candidate has the same similarities with Prince Emmanuel Obaro in the eye of the public. Although, Engr Bisi is said not to be desperate in his quest, the people of Isanlu have also linked his aspirations to that of his brother Barr. Henry Ojuola who once represented Yagba East in the State House of Assembly. His current aspiration have triggered eyebrows as many think it’s a family affair.

On the other hand, most people feel, PDP is no longer existing in Yagba especially Yagba East as the strong leaders of the party have been issued retirement in the last general election, giving Engr. Bisi Ojuola an inflexible chance in the House of Assembly election. Many also considered his origin “Itedo Amuro” as a community that has been privileged in Isanlu to have produced a former House of Representative member and Commissioner.

PDP, in their insensitive arrangement, left the House of Representatives and House of Assembly for both candidates from the same axis, raising people’s concern as to why Itedo Amuro must always have it all.

Now, the battle of who becomes elected has continued to waver, as the people review each candidate in terms of character, family background, lineage and what they represent in the community.

– Shola Ampitan, a political analyst, wrote from Isanlu, Kogi State.

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