Baron Okwoli’s Promising Agenda for Kogi Transport Ministry

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By Vincent Adaji.

The appointment of Hon. Joseph Baron Okwoli by Governor Yahaya Bello was hailed by many well meaning citizens of Kogi State. Significant number of persons also saw it as a serious demonstration of the readiness of the present administration to inject life and revolutionise the transportation sector of the state.

Undoubtedly, owing to the fact that his brief spell as Administrator of Igalamela-Odolu afforded an encouraging glimpse into his immense potentials. He presented himself as a man driven by limitless desire to distinguish himself through the lasting legacies he leaves behind. He was severally adjudged as the shining star amongst his fellow administrators. His performance remains difficult to surpass.

His statement upon assumption of office showcased the realization of the new head of Kogi transport sector that if the ministry he overseas is properly positioned, it could contribute more importantly than it presently does to the transformation of the state and its internally generated revenue (IGR).

Hon. Joseph Baron Okwoli has highlighted the near absence of an efficient and well structured public sector transportation, inadequate bus fleet and trucks, introduction of efficient and regulated water transportation system, especially within the state capital and other major riverine areas to decongest and compliment the existing road network, improving intra- inter state bus services and building of trailer parks in different parts of the state, as some of the immediate priorities of the Ministry of Transport under his leadership.

Efficient public transport sector will ease the movement of thousands of people, create new jobs and generate revenue. The number of trucks parked along major roadsides in different parts of Kogi State are high. A specified motor park for those classes of vehicle will make movement on the road smoother and safer. Our waterways lack serious government regulations; making it risky to travelers and a huge revenue drain to the government.

Baron’s proposals present massive gains to the government and more importantly to the people of the state. If given all necessary supports and funds, he will definitely accomplish his vision for the state transport sector. He has equally called upon all the critical Stakeholders in the Transportation Industry – both in inland waterways and road business sectors within and outside the shores of Nigeria to synergize and partner with the Kogi State Ministry of Transport to bring about the desired results required to move the State forward.

Baron has also called on corporate establishments in the State, as part of their Social Corporate responsibilities, to assist in the Alhaji Yahaya Bello administration to realise all its objectives.

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