BAFA Foundation Expresses Concern Over Rising Poverty Level in Kogi

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An NGO, Bafa Foundation, has expressed concern on the rising level of poverty and deplorable condition of living among the people in Kogi.
The President of the foundation, Mr Bayo Averehi, raised the concern during a news conference in Lokoja on Wednesday.

He said that a recent tour of some communities in the state, by the foundation, showed that many inhabitants were living in abject poverty.

According to him, basic social amenities to support human existence are not in place and inadequate where they existed.

“The living condition of the people calls for concern as many are living below poverty level and dying in silence,” he said.

Averehi, who said that his foundation, established in 2017, had spent millions of naira to assist artisans, traders,  orphanages, widows among others noted that the effort was like a drop of water in the ocean.

“In spite of our deliberate efforts to curtail the level of poverty in Kogi, things appear to be getting worse.

“As I speak to you, many people in Kogi could hardly afford two square meals a day. There is poverty everywhere.

“When I led officials of my foundation to visit some areas in the East, West and Central districts of Kogi, I feel like crying.’’

The President also expressed concern over the rate at which businesses were closing down in the state due to lack of patronage in a civil service state with non-payment of salary to workers and retirees.

“Investors are running away. We need to do something urgently before things get out of hand.

“People are suffering. For how long are we going to continue like this?,Bafa Foundation can only empower some people and not the entire people in Kogi.’’

He called on wealthy individuals, philanthropists and corporate organisations to join in the efforts to alleviate suffering among the people.

Averehi said his foundation planned to scale up the level of assistance to the less privileged through free medical outreach and scholarship for children of indigent parents.

“We are also planning to increase capital support to petty traders, interest-free loans for small business operators, artisans, traders, hairdressers and laundry operators among others.”

Video: Bayo Averehi, President of BAFA Foundation speaks on poverty in Kogi state and efforts to empower the People

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