Austin Okai: Celebrating a True Comrade, a Never Relenting Advocate for Good Governance

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Kwame Nkrumah in his letter to Azikwe in 1959 was very careful to note that the problems of underdeveloped nationsv(including Nigeria) is the fact that they are always quick to accept a political systems that does not tally with the scope of the common man and rather than insisting to the end they prepare for another elections.

Usman Okai Austin in recent times reflects the ideas of Nkrumah and through his continuous insist for the betterment of the Kogi masses,the young man has stated it clearly that waiting for another election to right wrongs is never a better option rather insisting and agitating should be a better resort.

Not minding what the oppressors will tag it,or will hypothetically refer to it.
He has been able to out grow the timid nature of the modern comrades whose daily struggle are only but a way of attracting gains and interest for themselves.

With out bending words he has been able to redefine check and balance in the modern democracy,and through his insists we have come to realize that we actually own the government and not the other way round.

Sir, as you celebrate your birthday today,it is not just a plus for you and your family alone,but a plus for all the downtrodden that you have giving out all your resources to stand by,it is a plus for all the unpaid workers you have continuously spoken for,it is a plus for the pensioners that you have sold your rest just to ensure they are not tagged “dead”.

It is a plus for the market woman at itobe who needs a stable state to make good sales,it is a plus for the yam farmer at Ogori who needs a good economy to attract more patronage,it is a plus for the Okada rider at Ayingba, the Keke NAPEP driver at Lokoja and even the fisher man at Bassa who needs a productive government to attain better heights in their token endeavors.

I need you to know that we are not only proud of you,but you ave become a model upon which we score the basics of political consciousness, political awakening, political agitations, modern opposition and most of all political checks and balances in Kogi state.

We pray that God will continue to guide you and uphold you,we pray that the courage and guts to speak to power without minding who is been touched as long as the truth is said and wrong is right will continue to be with you.

Happy Birthday sir.

– Jacob Unekwu Agada
Author, Ebuléjonu,
Osogbo, Nigeria.

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