Atta Coronation: Your Reign Will Forge Unity, Engender Development of Igala Land – Halima Alfa

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Your Majesty, 

On the occasion of your coronation, I wish to extend to Your Majesty my sincere congratulations and best wishes for yourself and your family, and my hopes for the welfare and prosperity of the people of Igala land.

I have no doubt that your reign will attain to greater heights in forging the overall unity and development of Igala land and people which has been a matter of concern overtime.

Given your social and professional pedigree, as well as distinguished self-carriage, not only will you easily step into the shoes of your forebears in advancing and upholding the cherished Igala values and heritage, your accomplishments in that regard will certainly live indelible marks in the sands of time.

Congratulations, Deeju. May you live long and prosper on the throne.

Barr (Dr) Halima Alfa
Chairperson, Senators Wives Forum,

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