An Open Letter to Obidients (I)

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On the 23rd of February 2023, I realised that I had spent 12 months following the 2023 elections, and canvassing in the most aggressive manner, for a Peter Obi Presidency.

Initial results shows that we are out of this race. I have been crying for most part of today, I never knew I was as emotionally invested. As I type, I am still in tears. It hurts, it does hurt to the marrow.

Between 2020 till now, this is the second time this country is making me cry. But it’s fine. It’s ok to cry, you would feel good afterwards.

First, they killed our brethrens on the 20 of October 2020. The same people who murdered us to protect their commercial interests would now become president. I have no space in my heart to accept their Presidency.

Personally, I have nothing to loose or gain from who becomes Nigeria’s next president. But, as one who came from a poor background, and through grace, found modest success, I know many are not as lucky.

For the records, I was not the most brilliant chap in my early school days. But guess what? Nigeria has happened or is happening to many of these brilliant folks. The Nigerian youths have been reduced to naught. Those who stole our yesterday, are stealing today, and are determined to steal tomorrow. They are not, cannot, and would never be my leader.

Sometimes, democracy can be the tyranny of the majority. The APC would have won this election anyways. But since nothing they do is credible, they had to still bully you and I to win.

I watched as a certain thug threatened fellow countrymen that only Yorubas should be allowed to vote, and allowed to vote for a certain soon to be president; an ex-convict, a drug baron. I have no place in my heart to accept his Presidency.

Tinubu may emmerge president of Nigeria, but he is not my president. I know he is also not your president. But, we must let peace reign. Let us count our blessings, learn our lessons, plan better, execute better, and come back stronger. Power is never given, it is taken. The slave master never willingly let go of his slaves.

We must never give up. I am proud of what we have been able to achieve. Together, we can do even more.

I guesstimate our average age is circa 28, so, there is still time. Here are three things you can do as we better plan for the future.

Go to your village more. When you do, gather the youths in your village and go for drinks with them. Be friends with them. Give them small bucks if and when you can.

Save the future. Ensure all generations below Millenials detach from the things they use to divide us; religion and tribe. Educate them that God did not create any religion. Human beings created religion to control fellow human beings. Help them to see religion as a way of life, not a tool for division.

Work hard on yourself. I know it’s tough. Your success is almost out of your hands as a Nigerian living in Nigeria. Japa if you can. Just make sure you’re a better version of yourself every passing day. Our time is near, just make sure you’re doing everything you find to do so as to be ready for the impending change in baton.

Please stay safe. Stay alive.

Bye for now.

– Augustine Akande

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