Stakeholders Urge Governments to End Gender Based Violence, Inequality

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By Stella Edoka.

Gender based violence has become a global problem that continues to limit women and girls from achieving their full potentials.

Often women at all spheres of public and private levels are daily confronted by discrimination and inequality.

They face violence, abuse and unequal treatment at home, at work and in their wider communities and are denied opportunities to learn, to earn and to lead.

Women form the majority of those living in poverty. They have fewer resources, less power and less influence compared to men.

The women continue to experience further inequality because if their class, ethnicity and age as well as religious and other fundamentalism.

Speaking on the violence against women and girls in the society in Lokoja, Kogi Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, Hajiya Fatima Kabir Buba, called on government at all levels to end the prevailing cases of gender inequality.

She called for total eradication of all forms of barriers against women access to equal opportunities and inclusive development.

She said government should take bold steps to remove all barriers to social Justice for women and to ensure that opportunities for the advancement of social Justice for women are in place.

Hajiya Fatima Buba expressed deep dissatisfaction that often women at all spheres of public and private Levels are confronted by discrimination and inequality.

Also speaking, the Coordinator, Concerned Parents and Educators, Mrs Grace Adah, urged all tiers of government to address such social and economic inequalities that hold women back from achieving their potentials.

She advocated true commitments to creating an inclusive and equitable economy that benefits all, particularly women regardless of their background or circumstances.

She urged governments to ensure women have access to basic services such as healthcare, education and promoting gender equality.

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