Ajaokuta Steel Company; One of The Cases of Destruction

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Atimes, looking at the system of government in this country called democracy, one begin to wonder whether it is a true representative of it defined itself to be. I think it is right time to give them the true definition of the type of demo-cracy they are operating. It can be define as a system of oppression, demolition destruction and exploitation of the people.
This is the definition that will be suitable for this system of government in Nigeria because the definition given to the word earlier is totally,  fully and completely in headlog with what the system presented to the nation.  The African afrobeat activist, Fela Anikulapo Kuti in 1980 on one of his song ” teacher don’t teach me nonsense “, presented his view on our democracy as follows; “Democrazy, crazy demo, demonstration of craze, crazy demonstration.  If it no be craze, why for afrika! As time dey go, things just dey bad. They bad more and more. Poor man dey cry, rich man dey mess”. These was said 37years ago about democracy which we thought is a liberation from the military tyranny and exploitation of the people. In contrary,  it have been a system built in the fabric of our society to oppress the weak and elevate the strong.
Tactically and technically,  we are held hostage through the subtle of our rulers.  We can’t call them leaders for they have no atom of leadership.  Over the years, their craftiness had elevates to the destruction of knowledge among the youths through brutalizing our schooling system but taking their wards abroad for quality education in order to come back to continue on their footsteps. They murdered and destroyed our norms by gradually injecting immorality,  theft, cultism etc into the minds of the youths. For instance, display nudity in the public and you will be given a national award but win a national quiz competition then you will be given a penny for incentive.  I said Oga rulers, “What impression are you passing to your Subjects “? Whatever they think will bring food to the table of a common man will be held hostage.  I said Oga rules, “why will insecurity not increase when the country graduates more than 200,000 students anually without adequate provision for employment?
Ajaokuta steel company is one of the national asset held in hostage by our rulers over the years. This Ajaosteel company is capable of bringing food to the table of more than 500,000 citizens according to Mr Isah Onobera, the sole administrator of the company (Vanguard 5th May,2017). Also, Sen. Nuruden Obatemi Usman said through willnigeria.com in 2013 that Ajaokuta Steel Company and National Iron ore Mining Compay(NIOMCO) Itakpe is capable of creating job opportunities for over 2million Nigerians either directly or indirectly.  More benefits are foreseen on the operation of this company which can lead to the development of the national economy. Abubakar Bwari, minister of state for mines and steel said revival of Ajaosteel company would save about 5billion dollars anually for the count. He further stated that reviving the steel company would reduce unemployment and increase technology acquisition (during the 2016 budget performance assessment of the ministry before the House of Representatives committee on steel in Abuja). The chairman,  Nigerian Automatic Technical (NATA) Lagos chapter, Mr Jacob Fayehun with an interview with newsmen in Lagos said “the Ajaokuta Steel Company is enough for the country to produce its own car” and also urged the Federal government to review the educational curriculum and channel it towards producing Nigerian model vehicles in a way to meet the demand. These were some out of many benefits the resusitation of these companies (NIOMCO and AJAOSTEEL) can bring to the citizen of the country.
From the title of this article, “one of the cases of destruction “. This was extracted from the remarks of the Vice President,  Prof Yomi Osibanjo during the regotiation concession between the Federal Government and Global Steel Holding (a company used as tool for the destruction and exploitation)  on 1st August,  2016. He said “it is a tragedy of immense proportion that we have both Ajaokuta Steel company and NIOMCO and couldn’t get anything out of them for years. It is one of the cases of failures”. I said No sir, It is one of the cases of destruction. They are destroyed the future of the youths through greed.
Through an educative and eye opener article written by Barr Natasha Apoti(one of the front runner for Ajaosteel revival struggle) earlier this year, she blew the wind that open the anus of so many fouls. To our greatest dismay,  even those from the state where the company was situated were also in the siege. In that article (corrupt practices surrounding Ajaokuta steel), you cry after reading how these selfish entities are using our destiny to be playing politics.  The Minister of Solid Minerals, Kayode Fayemi who was also accused in the article of being part of elements holding the company in hostage have this to say “it is a shame for all Nigerians on the current status of the company as the Federal Government spent over 3trillion naira anually on importation of steel and aluminum “. He continued “Not many things have had a sobering effect on me as what I have seen in the solid mineral sector since I took up this assignment “(premium times newspaper, 22nd Dec,2015). Oga minster, who are you deceiving? ?
They have used so many excuses including lack of fund on holding this asset in hostage over the years. The company was built by a Russian Company (TPE) in 1979 under the administration of the former president Shehu Shagari and was commissioned in 1983 at 95 or 98% completion before he was overthrown by President Muhammadu Buhari. It was then abandoned from then till others hijacked it and used it as a means to exploit us.
Now,  President Muhammed Buhari who truncated the progress is back to power. My able president, you are known as a no nonsense man. Even if you are not aware of the corrupt practices surrounding this company before,it have been made clear to you from the article of Barr Natasha Apoti. I know it get to your table because so many newspapers published the article. Look into it critically and bring Ajaokuta back for us. Remember sir that it is mandatory on you to revive this company because you are the first person to sabbotage the progress by shifting Shagari from seat. You stated clearly that it is your top priority to bring back this company to live and we will hold you by your words. The original builder of the company nutured intrest to be called upon to complete the course they started. You can call on them for they hold the master plan of the company.  Sir,  your Minister is gradually following the footsteps of failure by announcing last month that the company will be privatized again. I think you give it a second thought.  You are the one that take it away, you can also bring it back.
To Nigerian Youths, whether you are a kogite or not, the resuscitation of the steel company will affect your life positively in one way or the other. Let us demand for our right. It is high time we stop listening to fairy tales and empty promises from these our rulers. Let us stop selling our right through penny received from these tyrants.  The democracy they preached to us is not the one they are practising. We are in trouble if we cannot wake from slumber to hold this people to the task. I don’t aay we should take up arms but through enlightenment,  intellectual revolution can be attained. Bashir samir, the former information and cultural attachè at Nigerian Embassy Washington D.C and one of the front runner for Ajaokuta Steel Revival,  speaking on an interview with Aljazirah Nigeria said ” we don’t want anybody to come and cajole me or anybody else to say Ajaokuta will be completed tomorrow but we want a comprehensive plan with a specific time table to tell the Nigerian People that we are going ahead to complete Ajaokuta steel company and map out a complete open system to tell us that this job will be given serious progress”. They can do it if they are willing.  They did it at Abuja international Airport within weeks.
Let us stop selling our rights through token and bags of rice during voting. Reflect on the chinese proverb ” Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Reflect on the above saying while selling your rights.
Criticisms and contributions are welcomed as though is my opinion.
– (Engr) A.S. YUNUSA
Founder, Academic Elites of Nigeria (AEN)

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