2023: We Must Restructure to Move Forward – Amdii

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A political pressure group, Arise Nigeria Congress (ANC), has tasked the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration to yield to the calls for the restructuring of the country by a vast majority of Nigerian patriots and leaders across the six geopolitical zones.

ANC also called for the implementation of the recommendations of the 2014 Justice Idris Kutigi led National Conference.

Speaking with newsmen at ANC round-table meeting in Lagos, the National Convener of the group, Arc Amdii Amdii-Zaguru, said the clamor and agitations about restructuring and other lingering issues became necessitated because Nigerians feel concurrently marginalized by the substance of bad governance and corruption.

“There is an urgent need to re-examine federalism in the country as it is, with a view to restructuring the system by full decentralization of government at the center and devolving power to the regions so that the hopes and aspirations of every Nigerian the demands for equity and justice in the allocation of political space can be realized as it is the only way for Nigeria to experience true change and development.

“We are pushing for a holistic review of the constitution before the 2023 elections. This is aimed at bringing government as closely as possible to the people at the grass roots and solving several equations in the sphere of Nigeria’s political, social and economic imbalances.

“It is a truism that over the years, increased agitations for restructuring in the country reflect a structural problem in the distribution of opportunities in Nigeria’s oil-driven federalism and In spite of the nation’s enormous wealth, Nigerians still scramble to rise from the ashes of hunger, lack of opportunities and frustration.

“Our push for restructuring is not to balkanise Nigeria but to make it functional and gratifying to all and in the event that the present administration fails to restructure the country then the onus lies on whoever would be elected president by Nigerians come 2023,” he said.

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