2023 Presidency: Peter Obi Best Option for Nigeria – Former Kogi PDP Gov’ship Aspirant, Averehi

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A former People Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant in Kogi state, Bayo Adobanyi Averehi, has called on Nigerians to vote for the presidential candidate of Labour Party (LP), Mr. Peter Obi, on Saturday, February 25.

Addressing a press conference in Lokoja on Sunday, Averehi said with the present situation in the country, it will be a monumental and unprecedented disaster for All Progressives Congress (APC) or PDP to win the presidential election.

He urged Nigerian electorate to come out and vote enmass on Saturday to prove a point to those who think they own Nigeria, or that they are infallible.

“Nigerians should come out on election day to vote a competent leader such as Peter Obi and his Vice, Datti Baba-Ahmed.

“Let us prove to them that Nigeria belong to all of us. It is now conspicuous to all Nigerians, especially the Youths, that what we need to do now is to vote for competence, capacity, and credibility. Let us sacrifice that day of election. Let us come out, either in sun, rain or any weather and vote for the right person which is Peter Obi and his Vice, Datti Baba-Ahmed,” he said.

The former Kogi governorship aspirant said the APC and PDP have completely destroyed Nigeria, adding that the two parties have misled the people in the last 24 years.

“Nigerians gave PDP 16 good years to fix things right in this country, but the problem persisted. The issue of power outage, unemployment, strike, kidnapping, insecurity, persisted. We went ahead to give APC eight years to fix and change things. But unfortunately, the situation escalated.

“You will agree with me that, Nigerians have given PDP opportunity and APC opportunity. Now it is time to give another party opportunity, to fix this country. It is time to give Labour Party, and Peter Obi to fix things right.

“Peter Obi needs to be given four years to change the narratives of this country or get fired. Peter Obi will be fired if in four years, he does not change the narrative of this country. It is not about individual, party or any structure.

“Enough is enough. It is time we prove to the two major political parties that we have the power to hire and fire. So that, when next they are voted into power, they will not take us for granted,” he added.

He said the antecedent of the Labour Party presidential candidate speaks for him, urging Nigerians to come out en-mass and vote for Peter Obi.

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