2023 Polls: Dr. Muyi Aina Urge Citizens to be Peaceful, Law Abiding

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Ahead of the 2023 general elections, a former senatorial aspirant, Dr. Muyi Aina, has charged various political parties and their loyalists to avoid all forms of electoral violence as they go about their voting this weekend. 

In a statement issued in Abuja on Tuesday, Aina prayed that God grant Nigerians wisdom to make right choices.

“We must get it right this time. 2023 must be our long-awaited year for the most peaceful and credible elections.

“I wish to appeal to political parties and politicians to caution their supporters to avoid hate speech, violence and confrontation while exercising their civic responsibility and franchise.

“We must avoid do or die politics and remember that God gives sovereignty to whom He will and withdraws same from whom He will; He exalts whom He will and He abases whom He will. In His Hand is all good, He is able to do all things.

“We are in a new dawn as a nation, and a new government is about to take over the task of building the Nigeria of our dreams. We should note that the turn-out and success of the 2023 elections is one that will clearly distinguish our nation and people as a democracy on the rise. It is important we come out en masse, driven by patriotism to vote leaders of our choice.

“We must ensure a peaceful election so we can continue to enjoy stability in our polity.

“I hereby implore all security agencies to remain above board in line with the constitutional provisions of law enforcement and rule of engagement, and remain apolitical as they help maintain law and order.

“We must bear in mind that in any contest, there are winners and losers, and the collective goal should be to deliver a sustainable democracy that has the people and the country as its focal point.

“We must all seek to demonstrate that peaceful co-existence is the hallmark despite our faith, race, religion, social status or political affiliations,” he said.

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