2023 Polls and Okun Land: Point of Reflection

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As the General Elections draw nearer, a lot of electioneering processes have been seen all across Nigeria; some out of optimism for the best, while others, as a result of scheming to an end. Could it be that the euphoria in the air is being overhyped?

Actually, Electoral Voting is a strategic tool towards socio-economic transformation needed in Okun land. However, to experience true and sustained freedom from this patterned slavery, civic education have to game-up. The educated, the exposed, the elite or the middle class need to engage in objective and consistent enlightenment of the grassroot.

Kindly note that, education is different from being academically wired. If on the same note, then , permit me to say; Okun people are highly academically wired, which should not ordinarily be a menace, but could be a limitation to being thoroughly educated within the political sphere. If not, it should have shown within this dispensation of Democracy since 1999, against being disenfranchised or marginalized.

Development is perhaps a different use of intelligence. Voting and enjoying the dividends of Democracy are two different issues. Voting could be one of the basic things any man could do towards good governance, but to really be engaged politically, it will be healthy to join various political parties, participate actively, with a vision towards human development. Moreso, the various party delegates within Okun land need to be more sacrificial and selfless instead of turning blind-eyes because of a morsel of goodies or “life settlement” above the collective interest of Okun people.

Okun could work towards grooming, sponsoring or mentoring individuals or persons in the Judiciary, Free Fighters, Influencers, Mobilizers, INEC umpires, Philanthropists, Etc with undying audacity for the development of Okun land, who will be strategically positioned in all spheres of life.

In similar vein, a system could be created to see that our various Political Leaders at the Green and Red Chambers sponsor bills directly or indirectly in favour our Land. If we can get it right in making policies, lobbying or other collaborative efforts, Okun will surely experience a rebirth.

Perhaps, there are handful great efforts from heroes past and living legends in and out of Okun land. Thus, unity need to be enshrined within Okun land; within people (home and in diaspora), our culture ,and generations yet unborn. We need to cherish our shared history as a people. Unfortunately, we mostly get it wrong, even from within us. When poverty is being weaponised, sanity is far-off not minding the degree of academic prowess.

Democracy should not be a divisive tool, but a means of enhancing our collective wellbeing.

If indeed we are multi-dimensionally approaching sustainable Development in Okun land, then, we should embrace the fact that we can’t ignore entrepreneurial efforts. As great as Politics is to the development of a people, the likes of China, US, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Rwanda, Israel, UAE, Dubai, etc grew with something to sell or package for the world to admire…This is no way to underscore others options.

Consideringing the issue of giving back to our land as individuals or through collective efforts is also important. Moreso, collaborating with those patriotic minds in the diaspora will enhance these ideas.

When we start seeing ourselves as brothers and a great Okun people, then we would be able to improve in our attitude towards each other and then we will be able to collectively fight for what’s ours. When we are ready to engage our minds to think and act progressively, then we might just be on a walk to true freedom.

Notwithstanding, do note that, Election will come and go, and life will move on.
What we smell won’t be totally different from what we cook.

– Isaac K. Obajemu.

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