2023: Nigerian Youths, Women Rallies Support for Gov Yahaya Bello, Launches ‘Rescue Nigeria Mission’ in Kano

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A group, Rescue Nigeria Mission, a movement mobilising for the emergence of Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State as Nigeria’s next President, has been launched amidst enthusiasm and optimism for national rebirth.

Inspired by the desire to effect the long anticipated generational change in leadership, the group was inaugurated Saturday in the ancient city of Kano at a town hall meeting which attracted mostly women and youths.

The coordinator of the movement in Kano, Abdul Amat Maikwashewa, said the Kogi State Governor have made incredible contributions to the development of youths in Nigeria by giving them unfettered opportunities to serve in leadership positions in the state as well as inspiring uncommon trend in national politics.

Maikwashewa noted that members of the group came up with the idea to rally behind Governor Yahaya Bello as Presidential candidate and eventual emergence as president in 2023, out of their conviction that he is the most qualified to fix the country.

According to him, “We had to go to him to plead with him to run because he is not part of the old order and he is a formidable youth through whom we can realise the yearning of youths to take over governance in Nigeria”.

The Chief of Staff to the Kogi State Governor, Abdulkareem Jamiu, who was at the inauguration said Nigeria needed to breathe fresh air in 2023, saying Governor Bello possesses the qualities that would make a successful president.

Pharmacist Abdulkarim, believed to be the youngest Chief of Staff in Nigeria urged the youths to watch carefully as political events unfolds, “ do not to allow any unqualified and old politician seeking elective post to determine the destiny of the younger generation who represent 70 per cent of the population”, he admonished.

He lauded the conveners of the group for believing in Governor Bello, assuring them that the Kogi Governor is imbued with reiterated the capacity and experience to end insecurity and economic challenges confronting the country.

Citing his many heart warming achievements in Kogi, Pharmacist Abdulkarim expressed the optimism that, “if Bello could decimate the enormous challenges and restore sanity to Kogi State, there shouldn’t be any reason for doubting the Governor’s dexterity to put Nigeria in order”.

He also emphasised that, “If Governor Bello can provide solution to numerous challenges confronting Kogi State, we have no doubt that he can answer the questions of Nigeria. First of all, what is the problem of Kogi State? Kogi is the only state that borders 10 states, including FCT, making the state a mini Nigeria.

“Kogi was once an epicentre of security challenges such as kidnapping and armed robbery that was before Governor Yahaya Bello took over the mantle of leadership. Okene my home Local Government used to house a bomb factory. Bombing of churches, mosques and public places was the order of the day as a result of Boko Haram and ISWA activities before this administration took over.

“All these challenges, including communal clashes, class discrimination, injustice and underdevelopment that made Kogi unpopular before his assumption of office as Governor in 2016 have given way following his unique style of leadership.”

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