While Kogi West Leaders Are Paying JAMB, WAEC Fees for a Brighter Future, Central Leaders Are Building Mansions

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The ongoing registration for West African Examination Council (WEAC) has opened my eyes to the sharp difference between leaders in Kogi West senatorial district and ours in the Central senatorial district. Many eligible senior secondary school students were unable to register as their parents cannot raise the fees required.

In my conservative estimation, no less than 40% of eligible students are yet to pay WAEC fees across public secondary schools in Kogi Central. I will gladly hide my head in shame if principals can come up with figures to prove me wrong.

While parents are struggling to raise money for their wards to register for this year’s WAEC examinations, I took a look at the current trend in Kogi West senatorial district. Student associations in different communities in Kogi West are approaching leaders to pay WAEC and JAMB fees for less privileged students. Even if it is just for three students, they celebrate the gestures.

I read about how a leader paid WAEC fees for all eligible students in three whole local government areas when he was not holding any public office. Today, same man, Hon. Leke Abejide, is in the House of Reps and has sustained the initiative. I learnt he has spend over N200million on WEAC fees alone.

I also read how a native of Kabba based abroad paid WAEC fees for all students in his alma mater. When he paid this year’s fees, it was the second time the gentleman was intervening.

There are pockets of similar initiatives across Kogi West senatorial district and I begin to wonder how the next generation of Ebiras will compete with their contemporaries in Kogi West. Their leaders are busy investing in the future of their race.

While Kogi West leaders are busy securing the future of their youths, our leaders here in Central are busy building mansions, even competing among themselves.

The Governor has empowered so many leaders from Kogi Central. This is evident in rapid material acquisition that is evident to us all. What will it cost them to emulate their contemporaries from Kogi West?

That our son is Governor of the state does not insulate Kogi Central from the economic woes bedevilling the nation, but while leaders in neighbouring senatorial district are investing in the future of their youth, what are our leaders doing?

Time is ticking, we must invest in the future of our youth to ensure our children are not slaves to the neighbours i the future.

– Musa Adeiza writes from Abuja.

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