2023 Kogi Gov’ship: Let’s Support Honesty, Integrity and Consistency of Character

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As we approach the 2023 gubernatorial elections in Kogi state, let us throw our weight of support behind Murtala Ajaka to enable the APC cruise to victory. 

Yakubu Murtala Ajaka is the right man to lead the All Progressives Congress (APC) to victory in the November 11, 2023 gubernatorial election.

With all the facts and statistics on the ground, Murtala Ajaka is the best bet for the APC to defeat the PDP and others. Ajaka is the only option if APC won’t risk losing the coming gubernatorial election. The power of the people behind Murtala Ajaka is robust, no forces should scheme to truncate it.

Ajaka has shown trust and trust is like a building. For every building to stand it must have a solid foundation; the foundation for trust is truth. Ajaka has brought to the table political decency, finesse, humility, and decorum. He cares and loves his fellow party men. He has a lot of experience – we will gain a lot from him. He has the vision and passion to rejig the affair of the state.

Kogi state needs a good leader that is ready to help the youth and make sure they are gainfully employed with an interest in development at heart. With Ajaka’s enviable wisdom, vibrancy, and humility, a better future is possible. Across all strata of the state, there are growing hopes when the name Muri is mentioned.

With the philanthropic gestures of Ajaka, hopes would be rekindled. From his accounts, Ajaka has been putting smiles on the faces of the downtrodden, the poor, the vulnerable, the indigent, the less-privileged, and, in some cases, the haves. He has cheerfully assisted religious groups.

Let us set aside personal interest and support a competent and sellable candidate come November 11, 2023. APC has a sellable product in Murtala Ajaka.

This is a candidate that is very well known to the Kogi people, someone who started demonstrating a commitment to the Kogi project long before he assume the role of the Deputy Publicity Secretary of all Progressive Congress (APC).

No one has worked for the APC Guber slot and is more deserving than Murtala Ajaka. No one would be more sellable than Ajaka. And no one would be more qualified than Ajaka.

I will say and continue to always say. The best gubernatorial candidate for APC come 2023 should be Murtala Ajaka. 

Politics don’t care about your emotions but the groundwork and results. This is where Ajaka has always communed with his people, and get reassured of their unwavering support. Let us support Ajaka to make Kogi state great.

– Yusuf Adams writes from Abuja.
Email: Yusufadamsapp@yahoo.com.

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