2023: Halims Giant Strides in Roads Construction, Drainages and Erosion Control, Enough For Continuity

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It has been a long talk in the past. Empty promises. Year in year out, they promise and fail. Only Hon. Abdulahi Ibrahim Halims has the capacity to say and work towards walking his talk. Without any ulterior motives other than for the people to feel his impact, he is all over the nooks and crannies of Ankpa, Omala and Olamaboro Federal Constituency.

From the disastrous Angwa – Islamiyya – Ojede earth road to the Ejinya Efofe gully Erosion control with standard drainages, He facilitated an already completed five kilometres asphalt overlaying on Ojede New layout road. He is now at Abejukolo and the list will grow as time permits. Before last weekend Flagg off of the Uko – Biraidu link Bridge and Rehabilitation of Ajobe –Akatampia Road with drainage, His impacts were already on at Abejukolo as shown in the pictures attached.

Now as you are reading this piece, Contactors are underway to commence the reconstruction and asphalt overlay of at least four major roads in Ankpa Local Government Area. Hon. Halims is in his first term, and he does all these without noise. Those that understand the structural building, not systemic working of the National Assembly can attest that it takes some people more than one term to know the difference between an office suite and committee rooms. Not to talk of the scheming processes, a story for another day.

For the records, all these projects being embarked upon are as a result of his ability to lobby, follow up and get the job situated in his home land – Ankpa Federal Constituency. Let it be re-established that apart from being the only first timer to emerge a Committee Chairman in the ninth National Assembly, no Lawmaker from Kogi State’s name has been mentioned on the floor of the House during proceedings as much as Hon. Halims since the inception of the ninth National Assembly till date and I stand to be corrected.

Some cynics claim they’ve not seen anything He has done outside Ankpa Local Government Area. Yes, the electrification projects in Olamaboro are not imaginably possible for a House of Representatives member to carry out because previous representatives couldn’t. The construction of classroom blocks at GSS Okpo is ‘too small’ because only SUBEB built classrooms in the past, so they need a magnifying glass to see it. The installation of solar powered street lights across all ward headquarters is also minuscule to notice because they expect a stage light in every compound and so needs to wear their medicated glasses to see it.

Water projects are like recharge card giveaways? It won’t be out of place to make such an assumption because Hon. Halims has fete the Constituency with well over twenty five solar powered boreholes in less than three years. The same spree applies to the quality of his bills and motions but I want to single out the legislative efforts he is making towards the Bagana – Guto bridge after about thirteen years of abandonment. Yet, they can’t see nor hear because Halims has done nothing. People in this category are cynics, cursed haters and envious minds; they only wished it was not Rep. Halims that is doing all of these.

Those who know and are objective commends what Hon. Halims has achieved for the Constituency but because every major political party will want to field candidates in every election year, we have people contesting against Halims. Be that as it may, I challenge anyone who hails from Ankpa, Omala and Olamaboro Local Government Area to name any previous representative that has done near or equal to what Hon. Halims has done in the last three and half years.

Unarguably, Rep. Halims has done very well in the period under review and his projects abound in almost all the communities of Ankpa Federal Constituency. As we approach the election for his continuity, let those who have eyes but deliberately refuse to see tread with caution. Else, they will fall into a pit, the one they want to dig for a man who has brought so much succour to our land and great will be that fall.

There is no greater alternative to a good term other than Continuity and as it is in the Italian parlance: Que Sera Sera — what will be, will be! Rep. Halims is so good to go, Let’s do it again for the greater good of all.

– Muhammed Nasiru writes from Abuja.
Email: naadejohs@gmail.com 
Twitter handle – @amnasiru

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