2019: Youths and Thuggery

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The campaigns are officially drawing nearer, as youths, we need to wake up and wise up, there is every need to know that your blood is worth more than any mans political ambition, besides, seat down and ponder, “who the first beneficiaries are” the answer is “their families”.
When you support, support with all sense of wisdom. Yes, we ” The Youths ” are in the active age, never the less it is not a yardstick to engage in any form of rascality that will affect us and others.
As the campaigns are about to begin let us avoid politicians that will always tell us first to attack instead of staying away from all forms of vices capable of causing rancor and acrimony.
Just like me I know you have candidates you are supporting, support them not at the expense of your life, like former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan said “My ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian”, our blood is not worth the ambition of any politician.
Detest politicians whose children or family will not even be seen wearing their campaign materials, have it at the back of your mind that they are aspiring to represent you and if you die in that cause, how do you feel the purse?
Before you stick your neck for any Politician look out for the following:
– What is his or her human relations like? Is he the type that before now doesn’t listen to the people, but when election is drawing closer he attends all forms ceremony to claim Mr. Good Man, if he is wise up! When he get there he will be more scarce than the Naira.
– Is he a Political Philanthropist? Run away from such politicians, they will only use and dump you, he has been an indigene of your community and has been highly placed before now, he never thought of anybody even though he had enough, but as he thought of contesting he started sharing exercise books, attending naming ceremonies and doing all forms of ITK, run away from such, if he wins he will never come home, he will amass our common wealth and come back after four years, be wise…
– Run away from that politicians that will buy you alcohol, give you gun and machete before going out for campaign, all he want is self protection believe you me if eee set him go gbager leave you to die, wise up…
Convert them to the opposite and wise up, campaigns are meant to enlighten the electorate on reason why you want them to vote you, campaign are meant to be orderly, campaigns are meant to be informative, hence let us as youths help make it so.
Don’t be deceived by any form of promise, who ever will help you will, let it always echo in your thought that it can be you, oh yes it can be me, so for that reasons we need to wise up and support our candidates with all sense of wisdom
God bless Kogi State,
God bless Nigeria.
May genuine smile never depart from us. (Amin)
– Comrade A. A. Ismaila Smile is the Organizing Secretary (East) National Youth Council of Nigeria, Kogi State Chapter.

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