2019 is Around The Corner, We Must Take Our Future In Our Own Hands

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Dear youth of Kogi state,
I would like to start by mentioning that I write from no exalted seat. Neither do I make claim to have a seat in the realm of the highest wisdom.
I write from the position of an average youth, a position I believe helps me see the true realities of the situation of the state. I try to clear the lens through which I view the state. I make my lens clear of personal interests, clear of tribal sentiment, clear of any of the influences that threatens to warp my nationalistic view. My conclusion, without euphemism and without making an attempt to polish what I see with words, is that our society of today is a mess.
An observant youth would find it agreeable that our institutions and systems have been rendered ineffective and unproductive. From our educational institutions that now prepares students to become unemployed graduates, to the deteriorating state of our health system. Electricity, security and jobs have become increasingly unavailable to average Kogites. Religious institutions in the state have failed in their role of guiding adherents to uphold moral principles and virtues. A lot of our religious leaders are guilty of hypocrisy. Many of them partner with politicians to trade the vote of adherents for political favours and financial gains. The traditional leaders that we have, find it a useful tool to draw division lines between the ethnic groups. Their positions and influences are used to pursue their personal interests, against the interest of the state. It is unfortunate that we can no longer trust our law enforcement agents with the law. Bribes and kickbacks have become unofficial additions to the pay pack of workers, who use it to supplement their meagre salaries, that have now become mostly inconsistent. Our justice system cannot serve us justice because it has been hijacked by the powerful and influential. Those that keeps the law today, are those who cannot afford to break it.
We need to have a rethink, mobilise ourselves en-mass to have a mutual interest and fight what belong to us. Remember, the time is now!
The #NotTooYoungToRun Bill which has been completely and successfully passed, the interest of the youths has been more protected and their destinies will be in their own hands. It will also enhance and increase opportunities for youths to contribute to democratic governance in Nigeria.
Some have argued that youths of today are inexperience and not ripe enough to govern, but I must point out clearly that such minds are still living in the dark , failed to delve into the history and have refused to realign themselves with the present realities around the Kogi East Youths Summit.
The‘Pull Him Down’ syndrome is a predominant characteristic of today’s youth. If it’s not me in that position, whoever else is there must be disgraced, embarrassed and pulled down.
I remember being labeled with all sorts of names in the social media and the only crime I committed was being an advocate for good governance. Much of the attacks I faced came from young people. They completely forgot I was a young person like them and needed their support to succeed.  Today, many of such critics back then have now lost their voices.
All youths cannot go into politics but many of them; the competent ones with character and integrity must get in there.
Enough of this politics of APC versus PDP that has turned youths who were once friends into public enemies. This is the only way we can begin to win and change Kogi together.
– Alfa Tijani, a social critic, writes from Kogi state.

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