2019: Cleric Urges Nigerians to Prayerfully Select Their Political Leaders

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Pastor Isaac Omohoro, the Area Superintendent of The Apostolic Church of Nigeria (TAC), Lokoja Area, has urged Nigerians to prayerfully select their leaders at all levels in the 2019 general elections.
He gave the advice at a news conference on Sunday after his official induction as the 7th Lokoja Area Superintendent of the Church, at Area Headquarters in Lokoja, by Pastor Emmanuel Awojide, the LAWNA Chairman/TACN Vice President.
Omohoro appealed to Nigerians especially Christians to prayerfully choose their political leaders and not those who come to make empty promises without fulfilling them.
“Nigerians should not follow those empty promises because politicians are no more standing by their words. Leaders must have compassion for the followers but reverse is the case now.
“You are coming into politics and you don’t want people to criticise you; if you are a selfless political leader, you must be ready for criticism because it is a public office.
“Somebody expressed his opinion and you want to lock him up or kill him, then, you are not fit to be a political leader. Anybody that takes political office must accept criticism and uses it to examine and correct themselves.
“We are Nigeria, and we must register to vote. Vote for those who have the fear of God. Don’t vote for money, if you collect money and vote against your will, you will suffer the consequences,” the cleric warned.
Omohoro urged Christian leaders to focus on the tenets of Jesus Christ which was to make people have the knowledge of Christ, run the race and inherit the kingdom of God.
He, however, urged President Mohammadu Buhari to change the Service Chiefs and IGP, that they were not capable to stop the killings by herdsmen in the north central, saying “the killing is a deliberate and wicked act against Christians.”
“All of the killings you are seeing happening in the country by the herdsmen, persecution and trouble of Christian believers, the concentration of the killing in north central geographical locations where Christian occupied is a deliberate act to reduce the Christian majority.
“They are making efforts to reduce the number of Christian believers because of election; a deliberate and wicked act which the Federal Government is not able to handle, because it has lost control of their campaign promises to Nigeria on security matters.
“As a Nation, old and young, we all know that for a very long time, the service chiefs and the IGP have lost control and the President should not just play politics with it.
“The President should change the security Chiefs and appoint new people who with fresh ideas and tactics to handle the situation. Keeping the present people is not to the glory of Nigeria, so, Mr President must act and he must do that fast.
This issue is not an accusation but a fact, it is a deliberate and wicked act.
“The fulani herdsmen that we know have been there over the years, they don’t carry AK47, but sticks. From where do they now get AK47 that they are using in killing innocent Nigerians.
“The herdsmen we are talking about are not the owner of the cows, they are those who own them as business merchant; they are the people sponsoring these killings, and it is an act that has been long, it is not just starting.
“They had planned it for a very long time and except we as Christians and as Southerners and Middle belt wake up to raise a standard to stop it, it will continue. If you are afraid of death, there’s no day somebody will not die,” the cleric said.
Earlier, Pastor James Okon, who represented the Lawna Chairman/TACN Vice President, Pastor Emmanuel Awojide, in his sermon, charged the congregation to have faith in God to receive anything they asked for Him.
Taking his lesson from the Bible in the book of Matthew 7:7: he said: “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”
The cleric emphasised on the first part of the verse: “ask and you shall receive,” saying he understood by revelation that July the seventh month and his sermon from Matthew 7:7, the Area Superintendent that was installed was the 7th Lokoja Area Superintendent.
“From the spiritual angle of this, there’s nothing anybody would ask God by faith in this service that will not be answered, because it is in conformity with the plan and purpose of God.
“This month also, the TAC Nigeria is celebrating its 100 years centenary anniversary of the faithfulness of God as the church has spread to almost every part of the world and many have been won to the kingdom of God.
“This is a period of note in the life every true child of God, a memorial period and reference point for the saints; salvation will be preached, souls saved, and additional blessings like what happened during the Golden Jubilee celebration,” Awojide said.
Okon, who is the Gwagwalada Area Superintendent, Abuja, added that Nigeria would experience peace and stability by the prayers of the fathers, stressing that it was a time of spiritual refreshments emanating from the presence of God.

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