2019: Activists and Good Governance Are Like Siamese Twins, Natasha Can Change the Narrative

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History has demonstrated that activists who had fought fearlessly to set their countries to attain the true meaning of its creed and eventually delved into politics to be part of the decision makers and achieve their goals ended up being the best of representatives.

However, many activists who delved into politics and made landmark change in human history at first started without having anything to do with politics, they drew a thick line of dichotomy between activism and politics, they championed people’s oriented cause from outside the system for years before realizing the need to have power and be the change they so much craved for.

After leading the struggle to end apartheid policy in South Africa for several years and spending 27years in prison, Nelson Mandela accepted that the fastest means to correct societal anomaly is to be part of those that stir the ship, he delved into politics, vied for president and eventually became the change he so much desired.

From Nelson Mandela to Kabir Suman and Medha Patekar of India, Kevin de León of California, Marion Barry of Washington, and DeRay Mckesson of Baltimore who is famous for his landmark declaration speech, “I have come to realize that the traditional pathway to politics, and the traditional politicians who follow these well-worn paths, will not lead us to the transformational change our city needs.”

Barrister Natasha Hadiza Apkoti is not the the first activist to delve into politics, history is only repeating itself.

Ordinarily, one would imagine the reason why many activists put their lives and that of their families beyond the redline for the happiness of others. It is however a thing of divine arrangement, human beings are not created to be on the same pedestal, some without voice, and some too weak to stand for their rights and a special kind of people are created to be the voice of the voiceless and shout for those whose voice cannot be heard.

Natasha is no doubt an astute activist with unblemished record, a paragon of hope with sterling antecedents and pedigree capable of changing the narrative of Kogi Central Senatorial District.

Natasha’s hardwired for societal building, and altruistic nature have made her a phenomenon to reckon with in Ebiraland.

She has become a great beacon light of hope to the people of Kogi Central Senatorial District who have been languishing from manacles of maladministrstion, and flames of withering misrepresentation amidst vast ocean of great opportunities waiting to be tapped.

If Barrister Natasha Hadiza Akpoti can championed the struggle for the resuscitation of Nigeria moribund companies for several years, if she can overcome the threats of the power that be, if she can risked her safety and that of her family for daring to challenge the status quo, if she can stand the fierce moments and lead the struggle to the point we didn’t envisage, then Natasha cannot be cowed if voted into upper chamber and will surely stand for the masses and be their voices.

– Isah Bala

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