2015: My Opinion About Sen. Smart Adeyemi’s Re-election

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  1. Ordinarily am not a fan of politics and that was why throughout my university days, I deliberately did not participate in student politics (union) not for the fear of what will happen to me negatively as its widely said that politics is bad (at least in student union we have cult groups) nor that I wasn’t financially okay to buy form for elective position of my choice; again, is not that I wasn’t that popular to win an election if I run but for two (2) obvious reasons which I will share with you shortly but before then, let me say, this is just part 1 of My Opinion About Sen. Smart Adeyemi’s Re-election.
  2. As much as I would love to participate in politics, the fear of knowing that people in position of authority often face more attack, name calling and all manner of pull him down syndrome from the people they lead often scare me. This is not forgetting that, politics and its activities are time taking and energy consuming because of the stress involved thereby reducing the quality time one would have ordinarily spent with his family, friends and business. Interestingly, most of this people criticizing and pulling down people in position of authority belong to the opposition and they do this not because they do not know the truth but because it’s a habit for them to always misinform people for selfish reason(s).
  3.  Secondly, the fear of the fact that there are some people I tag “Spoiler” that never sees anything good in people in position of authority as long as they remain on that seat. No matter how good they try to perform or make the people they lead comfortable even at the detriment of their comfort, these spoilers keep painting them black and calling them all kind of name. One thing that often comes to my mind is this question; must we always celebrate heroes or heroine’s when they are no more? Why is it that we don’t always want to part away with hypocritical ways and be part of progress? I guess you must be as confused as myself as regards the questions but let me relate all this to the subject matter.
  4.  Two (2) things actually motivated my opinion about the much talked about re-election of Sen. Smart Adeyemi for another four (4) years of third term. These tow (2) things are what people outside Kogi West Senatorial District feels about Sen. Smart Adeyemi and what the minority who I will refer to as hypocrites are trying to make people of Kogi West believe or feel about him as a result of their sweet mouthing and eloquent speeches and articles they often sponsor in the social media.
  5. As fate will have it, I was opportune to graduate from Kogi State University, an institution situated in Anyigba the Eastern Senatorial District of Kogi State. For the records, this part of the state are seen as the majority in Kogi State and at such, the leadership of the state since creation has always being from that side. On a faithful day back then in the university, I ran into some group of lecturers who are Igala’s from the Eastern part of Kogi State arguing about politics and politicians. Of all the discussions, what shocks me was the unanimous agreement of all the parties in the discussion that Sen. Smart Adeyemi is the best senator Kogi State has ever produced and how they wish he is representing them directly (their senatorial district). I can’t but take a permission to ask why they arrive at that point of view, what they said was more like a lecture about the distinguish Sen. Smart Adeyemi. More of this in my subsequent write-up.
  6.  The hypocritical minorities in their self sponsored articles often try to bring down the good effort of this God sent man in his quest in qualitatively representing his people. Whenever they are asked why they think Sen. Smart Adeyemi does not deserve another term, they have nothing to say in fear of being cut up in their own words.
  7. My Opinion therefore hasn’t extensively considered the argument for and against is that, the re-election of Sen. Smart Adeyemi should not only be seen as step in the right direction but a welcome development that should be collectively forth for. It’s a well deserve project and we all most rally round him.
  8. Long Live Kogi West Senatorial District!

Long Live Kogi State!!

Long Live Nigeria!!!

Oluwapelumi Babalola


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