This Is The Most Terrific Time To Live As A Kogite; Open Letter to Gov. Bello, Dino and Smart


In the last few years kogi state has witnessed a dramatic change, retrogressive in nature that we now count the best governors from behind, we now count our other representatives from behind. We are in the shadow of ourselves, other parts of this country I’m sure no longer take us seriously.

Where is our respect, the dignity, the education, the morality. Where is our honour, where is our value, what treasured us now as a people. Indeed it’s a pity.
Earlier this morning I have read a lot from people throwing supports and accusing fingers to both smart and Dino but that is not the essence of this write up. To those who are happy about this show of shame, that are ridiculous of us as a state I advise you to desist from such actions.
First my stand is that Dino, Smart, Yahaya Bello, Faleke and others should put kogi first and then their interest. Its normal to fight the political war fare; but not to destroy the image of our dear state. The event of these few days are very embarrassing, our Governor was on Inec blacklist and later his ghost was blamed, I mean a kogi state governor that was the mirror for others in those days. Our senators went into the market square to do the worst, In just one week the people of kogi state were exposed to this urgly drama.
I am sending this to all our leaders especially those in the mirror, you must sit down on a round table to develop kogi and it people.
The truth is that an average kogite is loosing hope and that is a burden on leadership. It is your responsibility as leaders to shoulder this reality and re-candle the hope of our people. You must think and work together. Yes you may have issue, yes you are struggling for power; those things must not be a priority compared to the welfare of our people. I don’t know if any of you is aware that as leaders you are role models to many in different light.  Now what category of people are you modelling, is this what you want from future leaders. Enough is enough.
To youths and supporters who points accusing fingers, insulting opponents,  taking sides with any. I want to advise you to stay away from these. You are causing more harm than good. You may be doing this to earn respect and mostly what comes with it, but you must realise that together as a people we can earn more than our individual groups.
Finally, let me advise our domestic media houses to slow down this ravaging insults  and sue for peace amongst our leaders.
This is a terrible time to live as a Kogite. But I would not loose hope in the belief that kogi shall be great again.
– Salihu Adam Jiddah
Founder: Kogi Liberation Movement.