Mid-Term Assessment; Report on Hon. Jimoh Omiata’s Stewardship

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By Ogbeni David Oni Sunday.

Members of the Kogi State House of Assembly have spent two years in office and it has become pertinent to evaluate individual performances in the years under review.

Although on the overall grading, i would say that the Assembly has performed very well, judging by the number of of motions moved, the quality of the motions so moved and the number of times it has dedicated to sit, including the quality of oversight functions carried out. They have performed impressively. However, since they are just in the midterm, there is still room for improvement in legislative functions and the delivery of quality representation.

Narrowing it down to my immediate constituency Yagba East. The scorecard of the member representing Yagba East constituency, Hon. Omiata can be said to be very impressive and deserving accolades.

As an active member of the constituency, i have followed up on activities my representative Hon Jimoh Musa both within and outside the chambers. He has distinguished himself in service and has so far delivered quality and effective representation to the people of Yagba East Constituency and the State at large.

He is a grassroot politician that is easily accessible, his impact is felt all around his constituency with visible projects and audible motions moved in the house, all of which are verifiable.

For the avoidance of doubt and for record purposes, i would like to highlight some of the laudable achievements of Hon Jimoh Musa in the year under review;

– Personally funded grading of some township and feudal roads​ in South East and Isanlu Districts before the government subsequent intervention.

– Moving extra ordinary peoples’ oriented and developmental​ seeking motions on the floor of the house, such as;

* Motion calling on the state government to direct the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) to address the epileptic electricity supply to Yagba East LGA & this was immediately responded to.

* Motion calling on the state government to grant access to the community commercial Banks for full operation to help the people at the grass root access bank services.

* He also moved the outstanding motion calling on the state government to address the menace of ecological and erosion problem in Isanlu metropolis in Yagba East LGA.

*And as a cosmopolitan legislator, he also moved the motion for the installation of the street light facilities in Lokoja, to meet up the standard of a state capital. amongst other motions.

– In addressing the menace of armed robberies, intercommunity clashes and other crimes in the interstate border town of Igbagun- Iyamoye axis. Hon Omiata used his good office to approach the Kogi State Commissioner​ of Police to restore the police services to the axis to help curb the criminal activities. This was promptly responded to as Officer cops were posted to Igbagun. He personally bore the cost of mobilization and the logistics attached with.

– Hon Jimoh Musa Omiata sank boreholes randomly across the constituency while reactivating moribund ones in Igbagun, Alu, Oranre,    Ife-Olukotun, Ponyan, Aginmi, Jege, Ejuku,Ogbom and Isanlu District.

– Provision of Scholarship grants to over two hundred students across the 10 Wards in the constituency.

– Payment of hospital bills and school fees for the less privileged​.

– Unrivalled oversight and strict supervision of ongoing personally sponsored and government initiated projects across the constituency to ensure compliance with set standards and dates.

– Qualitative representation by constant consultation, lobbying and intensifying efforts with other stakeholders to facilitate developmental program and projects such as roads construction by the state government and provision of basic amenities to the people of Yagba East state constituency.

– Generous donations to communities across the constituency to help achieve its developmental goals and mitigate the suffering of his people. This often witnessed during community Day anniversary, Fund Raising, festival and such other occasions.

– Provision of fertilizers​ to farmers at a subsidized price across the 10 Wards in the LGA.

This and many more are the things that gives Hon Jimoh Musa a very robust scorecard that has distinguished him among equals.

He has proven to be a worthy leader and has so far justified the mandate given to him by the good people of Yagba East.

We are proud of him, and are using this opportunity to thank him and urge him not to relent in delivering quality representation to his people.

So far, so good. Hon. Omiata has done well.

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