Thanks To Yahaya Bello, The New Direction Governor


When this government came on board, many of us where glad and exhilarated of the fact that a young and digital fellow would be our Leader. Little did we know that young age is not a guarantee for effectiveness.

One would expect that as a young man, he would adopt the most advanced and digital means of carrying out staff verification, rather than the mundane and antiquated process that have led to the confusion that currently rocks the state. Up till date, no one can categorically tell you the stage that the screening is in at the moment. This is the same screening that the federal government and other states carried out without rising any dust.

Government have subjected civil servants and the entire state to untold hardship. The number of civil servants that troop to access and Zenith Bank on a daily basis for one complain or the other is so appalling, coupled with the anxiety of waiting for alert, not to mention the inhuman treatment they get from Bank securities and staffs. Those who manage to access the one or two months salaries cannot even go home with it because there is too much debt to be paid, hence no value for pay received, i don’t even want to talk about armed robbers that would trail you from the bank and rob you off the money. The state have turned the people to beggars, yet the insincerity lingers.

The numerous lies and deceit of the Kogi State government have made more people to lose trust in it. This situation is a negative pointer to the APC as a party. Above that, it has created more challenges to young people who would want to vie for the leadership position of the State in the future. Kogites are now nurturing the opinion that young people are inexperienced, arrogant and deceitful…  Thanks to Yahaya Bello, the new direction Governor.

By Haruna Abdulkerim
Political commentator

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