My Regret As A Social Science Student by Onoja Baba Johnson


Social sciences is a field that housed many fascinating professions. Its activities are not like that of pure science nor art. It is a field that deals with social phenomenon. The relationship of men and their environment. No doubt, it is one field that makes the society livable for men.

In the faculty of social sciences in Kogi State University for an instance, there are departments such as sociology, economics, mass communication, political sciences and geography and planning. These are not all the departments you can find under social sciences as the list can go on and on depending of the capacity of various schools.

The faculty of social science as reported is always the most populous faculty in most schools across Africa. This could be for the fact that there are no much calculation courses. And may be because the courses under study here are not quite brain cracking courses. Though no one can do well in social course without being intelligent.

As I progress further in my studies under the faculty of social sciences, I began to see lapses that spell doom for any student under this faculty if extra measure is not taken. The courses in here are basically theories and little practical. Except in mass communication where things like film production, and photography are being taught. Even at that, one is hardly grounded in such technical scheme because of lack of facilities in most schools. The effect of this is part of the reasons why government at all level is placing premium on science. I mean pure science in terms of scholarship and other educational subsidy programme.

When you check most scholarship boards, you will find out that most courses available for scholarship are that of sciences both for under graduates and post graduates studies. There is a reason for this discrimination. The world is after skills.

The shortcomings of studying a social science course became even clearer to me, when I see a friend of mine fetching money for himself while on break or strike but on my side, I have no such ability. He is studying Electrical Engineering. He fixes electrical connection errors for neighbors and offices for a pay. He installs electronics for people too. On my own side I have no avenue of such. Am only studying communication and the social psychological effect so how do I apply this as an undergraduate to make money. Yes, there are few ways available but one needs to be grounded to gain acceptance.

The scaring aspect is that if you don’t acquire any skill from your course of study that can market you as an undergraduate what then are you going to show off as a graduate? Your certificate? Don’t forget that many people have gotten that certificate too.

You will also agree with me that most students undergoing studies under social sciences do not have plans to practice it after school. If it were to be that good, why would anyone think of leaving a field he majored after school?

We were all lambasting the former president Chief Olusengun Obasanjo for making a statement that undermines the important of social science courses in the society but looking at it critically from his point of view, Obasanjo only said a truth that is bitter. Obasanjo argues that, “some people came to me and they said they have two Masters degree and yet cannot find a job. Then I asked what did you read and they replied mass communication, the other one is sociology. Then I told them you are un-educated. You now have to go and be re-educated to create value for your skills.”

The media and other practitioners accused the former president of denigrating mass communication and sociology. However, the question is what is the value of such theoretical skill in this our technological trending world if the students are not well grounded in the technical aspect?

I am not saying that social sciences is a no going area for aspirants, neither am I saying the students under social sciences are making a huge mistake, however, the shortcomings of social courses are too numerous for one to start considering going for valued skills. In all, let our passion guide us while we put employ-ability into consideration.

Onoja Johnson Baba
Department of Mass Communication,

Kogi State University, Anyigba.



One thought on “My Regret As A Social Science Student by Onoja Baba Johnson

  1. Ishaq Muhammad

    I agree with you to a certain extent as you’ve tried in making students see why they shouldn’t rely on their certificates alone, but I shall never regret being a social scientist in the making. I know that the impact of science & technology in human society can never be overemphasized; however, rapid development in society lies in the accurate reports from social researchers.
    It should also be noted that if you’re thinking of making ends meet, that lies in the hands of the supreme creator, though we ought not to fold our arms.
    Personally, I would have regretted if I were to be studying any other course today. I’m happy as a student of Mass Communication, though it is one of the most widely-underrated courses. I’m happy because I have numerous areas out of which I can be a specialist in one or two. They include: Public relations, advertising, photography, film production, radio journalism, book publishing, etc. In fact, I may decide to delve into acting. All these are being inculcated into me as a student of Ahmad Bello University, Zaria. Moreover, the courses I’ve taken here on entrepreneurship have opened my mind to look for gaps in my immediate environment & then make attempt to fill them.
    Before you end up getting frustrated, think of structural functionalism which argues that everything in society, be it abstract, concrete, positive or negative, has a function. So, social sciences is not an exception. If there were no crimes, where what percentage of our security personnel do you think would have been in the service?

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