Zakari Yusuf: A Lawmaker With Huge Grassroots Acceptance

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In the study of politics and political approaches around the world, political analysts and public commentators are of the opinion that a working democracy is one whose determinant reside with and in the people.

Whether it is a direct or representative democracy, the power to choose leaders into public offices should and remain the exclusive preserve of the people especially the grassroots. Therefore, successful politicians are those who maintain strong affinity with people at the grassroots.

Coincidentally, this political philosophy has been the guiding principle and driving force of Hon. Zakari Yusuf Eneve (Nescafe), member representing Okene II Constituency at the Kogi State House of Assembly.

Hon. Zakari Yusuf (Nescafe) has records of selfless service to the people long before he ventured into politics. He has been a champion of good governance, a peace maker, philanthropist and a bridge builder whose positive records and societal impact have greatly renewed the hope of commoners that indeed, there still live men of honour the community can trust.

As a successful entrepreneur, Zakari’s kind heart and uncommon empathy towards humanity lifted people above poverty, trained and engaged youths into several productive ventures and of course in the process mentored many to aspire to greatness.

These and many other outstanding qualities of Hon. Zakari Yusuf sowed seeds of love in the hearts of the people and he became a household name within and outside Okene II constituency. Hence, after joining partisan politics, he consistently commands huge political influence across the different strata of the society.

As a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abuga/Ozuja ward of Okene Local Government, Hon. Zakari effectively mobilized the people using his grassroots political influence for the success of the 2019 general elections and reelection of Gov. Yahaya Bello for a second term in office. He succeeded in creating a reliable political platform that has become a rallying point through which party mobilization and election victories are achieved across the 30 polling units of Abuga/Ozuja ward.

Hon. Zakari Yusuf (Nescafe) became the first aspirant in history to contest and won party nomination for House of Assembly election in Okene II under a ruling party unopposed. His political influence, good character and unmatched records of selfless services to the society engineered the leaders of the party to endorse his candidature and he became a lone contestant for the party’s ticket.

Zakari’s emergence as the standard bearer of APC for Okene II House of Assembly election brought relief and excitement to the people including members of the opposition political parties. His electioneering became a project for the entire people of Okene II constituency as his acceptance cut across party lines.

Again, Hon. Zakari Yusuf (Nescafe) was the first in history to contest and won overwhelmingly in all the 78 polling units across the four wards of the district in a free, fair, peaceful, credible and acceptable House of Assembly election.

The lawmaker who up till this moment sleeps and wakes with his constituents has already set out a legislative agenda centered on effective representation and human capital development as top priorities. As the November governorship election draws near, Hon. Zakari Yusuf (Nescafe) has effortlessly returned to the people of his constituency to mobilize the electorate for the candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC), Alh. Ahmed Usman Ododo. He has successfully influenced the commencement of ward meetings and placed various political fora and support groups on permanent state of mobilization.

This political successes is a testament to his huge grassroots support and acceptance.

– Abdulmumin Abubakar writes from Okene.

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