Zacch Jonathan: A Burden Bearer, Ready to Shape Lokoja-Koto Federal Constituency

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As the people of Lokoja-Koto await expectantly for a worthy successor to their rep member, Haruna Isa, who is expected to quit the stage after completing the tenure of Late Hon Buba, there are irrepressible yearnings for Arc. Zacch Jonathan to step forward for the coveted position considering his intimidating wealth of experience anchored on admirable husbandry of financial and human resources thus far in surveyor.

Call him a shrewd politician you are not far from fetched facts of who he is. His ideology of a dogged fight made him a new breed of politicians coming up with fresh minds and mentally to ship wreck odds and obsoletes brains to suit the 21st century of good, better and best politician.

While coming up as a young politician in the early 80s, Zacchaeus had never pitched his tents with the moving crowd, or joining the mammoth crowd to make blunder decision but he rather stay with the oppositions party to create relevant changes with his rich wisdom and act of leadership.
See him a younger man but owned a mighty spirit within to face giants situations as he remains a strong voice in the African Democratic Congress (ADC), a voice that can be reckoned with in the political system of Kogi state.

With the rumbled state of Lokoja-Koto federal constituency, a constituency that is far from the smells of good representation because of lack of who to send and why he or she should go there, Lokoja and Koto ought to have been a place massively endowed with federal government since the inception of democracy in 1999 backwardly nicknamed as a place being brutish, nasty and solitary poor because of lack of good lawmakers whose heart and minds goes to the common man that can create enabling bills which when past to law will have a direct effect in the people of the area.

Zacchaeus heard a voice of “who shall I sent? Who will go for the entire people of Lokoja and Koto?” Zacch answered in an affirmative voice, a sign of burden burning right in his heart to create laws that have direct bearing to the people of his roots.

With certainty of change because he is a man of transformation whose years of experience with many political parties has positioned well to go the lower chambers of national assembly in  other to liberates both young and old, Man and woman and generation yet unborn with his good intentions of making vibrant laws.

African Democratic Congress (ADC) is the party of this great vision bearer that has its manifestoes to change the entire country for good.

Zacchaeus ride on! Jonathan go on!! Go and say the minds of many voices in AbujaVote Zacch Jonathan ! Vote ADC.

– Abbas Yahaya

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