Youth Group Rues Age Long ‘Cold War’ Between Mopa, Amuro Communities

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The age-long dichotomy between Mopa and Amuro communities has been identified as a major cause of under-development in Mopamuro local government area of Kogi state.

The was contained in the communiqué issued at the end of the Mopamuro Youth Congress organized by Voice of Mopamuro Youths (VOMY).

The communiqué signed by the leader of VOMY, Julius Olusola Abel, revealed that the dichotomy extends beyond Mopa and Amuro, but is entrenched in sub-communities, villages, compounds and families in the local government.

Participants drawn from various youth groups agreed that the which dichotomies started from the days of their great-grandparents, grandparents, parents is subtly finding its way into the consciousness of the upcoming generation. They submitted that the dichotomy is majorly caused by mishandling of politics and its attendant events.

They called on youths to ignore all transfer of malicious generational history and speeches that further deepens the existing dichotomy.

The communiqué read in part:

“Due to this dichotomy, Mopamuro local government is seemingly stagnant and retrogressing – no massive or meaningful development has come to Mopamuro since the institutionalization or establishment of Mopamuro Local Government.

“Though Mopamuro is relatively and seeming peaceful, there is an ongoing age long Cold War going on in the minds of certain majority set of persons due to failed partnerships, mostly political.

“The cold war is due to the pretense from key stakeholders of the Mopamuro project; the cold war is also subtly leading into further disintegration of the Mopamuro interest.”

The youths resolved that there is a price to pay for peace, unity and development; and everyone must be willing to pay.
They added that there is a crucial need for youths to identify the strength in the relatively small land mass and population to curtail and curb all dichotomies and intensify unity.

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