You Can’t Use Natasha’s Name to Seek Relevance Again, Engr Lawrence Tackles Halima Alfa

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A current affairs analyst, Engr. Lawrence Akpa, has rebuked Barrister Halima Alfa for attempting to exploit Senator Natasha Akpoti Uduaghan’s name to pursue her waning political relevance in the state.

Halima wrote an open letter titled “Open Letter to Senator Natasha Akpoti Uduaghan on her Role in EFCC Persecution of Yahaya Bello by Barrister Halima Alfa Gaya, PhD.”

Reacting to the letter on Monday morning, Lawrence said it’s unfortunate that Halima is using Natasha’s name to seek political relevance after she has faded into political oblivion.

He stated that Natasha’s name cannot resurrect her dead political career because opportunities were given to her, but she misused them.

“She abused every opportunity that came her way,” he said.

According to him, Halima once claimed to be Ahmadu’s political daughter and later shifted allegiance to Ali after Jonathan appointed her as the North Central Sure-P Coordinator, where she built her Asokoro mansion and empowered her children.

“This is a woman who betrayed Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, shifted allegiance to Prince Abubakar Audu, and created a bigger misunderstanding between the Audus and Ibrahim Idris’s political empire after Audu.

“This is a woman whom Sen. Jibrin Isah Echocho rented a house for in Maitama but later worked against Echocho’s quest for the Kogi State governorship. Hajia Alfa stood before the Attah of Igala and insulted the entire Igala nation as a woman without character.

“A woman who abandoned her own husband on his sickbed, a very inconsequential character who is blind to the truth.”

Addressing the author’s qualifications as a PhD holder, Akpa criticized the lack of thorough research evident in the “beautiful nonsense” presented in the open letter.

He also advocates for responsible discourse, urging individuals to consider the implications of their actions on future generations.

“How can Natasha, who is a PDP member, control the federal agency that uncovered Bello’s criminality? It’s unfortunate that someone like Alfa, who is permanently seeking political attention, is looking for somewhere to nest.”

He, however, condemned the support for Bello based solely on personal interests, likening it to terrorism. He called for a broader perspective that prioritizes the well-being of society over individual gains.

“Bar Halima is a woman without class, romancing with every age, from Ahmodu Ali era to Audu, Audu to Ibro, Ibro to Wada now desperately seeking attention from a wanted fugitive.

“This is the woman who said she has relocated her political activities to Kano state where her husband failed to win an election after marrying her.”

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