Yahaya Bello and Lessons From Yahya Jammeh’s Misadventure

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There is saying common with my people, ‘it’s the knowledge garnered from the experience of others that will always stop anyone calling an elder a loon’ In the thick of the drama in the Gambia we saw all shades of support expressed for the Jamming Yahya by those who ought to know better. We even saw the Defence Chief oscillating his support but he eventually pitched his tent with Yahya Jammeh pledging allegiance. Parliament upped the game by extending Jammeh’s tenure by another 90 days against the wish of the people.

Jammeh was adamant and recalcitrant allowing show and declaration of support by individuals and groups to give him a false sense of acceptance. Eventually but rather very late, he realized the support was instinct for survival by those who so declared on one hand and those who will be negatively affected by Jammeh’s exit from office.

Without doubt Jammeh in 22 years had his good moments as no one could truthfully claim he was a bad leader throughout but once majority lost faith in him, it was just a matter of time before the bubble will eventually bust.

Today in Kogi state, H.E, Gov. Yahaya Bello is being tagged with different acronyms which those who do the christening don’t even know what it means among which is Ordained, Divine, Digital and Indefatigable but the funniest is the ‘White Lion’ tag. Apart from being an endangered species, the only thing special about the white lion is that it’s afflicted with a recessive gene, leucism.

Gov. Yahaya Bello should take more than a passing interest in the events the world just witnessed in the Gambia and let his programs and policies be guided by what is best for majority of Kogites. He should for the sake of all that is good take charge. The world saw Obama exit the White House after eight years of leadership and all that is left is for posterity to score his stewardship. It’s not the sycophantic frenzied proclamations that sincerely reflect acceptability as the Gambia scenario has shown; neither is the cyber blitzkrieg that accompanies every government action. Acceptable programs and policies require little propaganda.

Kogites have seen genuine efforts at real development sacrificed on the altar of greed, ambition and ego but with a sincere retrospection all hope is not lost. It is hoped lessons have been learnt from the gambling misadventure in the Gambia of Sheik, Alhaji, Professor, Doctor Mansa Yahya Jammeh.

Credit: Olalekan Aiyenigba


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