Yagba Reps Race: Leke Abejide, The Portrait of a Servant-Leader

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Quiet, humble and intelligent, Asiwaju Leke Abejide Joseph was born on 8th May, 1975 to High Chief and Chief Mrs. Abejide in Alu, Yagba East local government area of Kogi state.
A graduate of Economics at the Ahmadu Bello university, Zaria and a Masters degree holder from Bayero University Kano, Elder Leke Abejide began his working career with the DIVA ITH STC, TURKEY in 2004 and rose from a supervisor to become Nigeria Representative in 2007.
Real leaders are ordinary people with extra-ordinary determination and courage for fulfilment. Asiwaju Leke Abejide Joseph ventured into private business and founded ABYEM INT’L LTD as the chairman and chief executive officer, a position he held till date.
With prudence, humility and dedication to work, he is at present the managing director and chief executive officer of the young but highly strategic and successful clearing company, ABYEM DIVA INT’L LTD. He is shouldered with the overall responsibility for the organization for the attainment of its vision and mission.
Asiwaju Leke Abejide has been contributing immensely to his immediate community and the nation at large. He felt there was the need to introduce a special concept to address the issues of empowerment initiative to the good people of Yagba federal constituency through ELDER LEKE ABEJIDE FOUNDATION, aimed at empowering the good people of YAGBA LAND for sustainable development.
A leader with humility sends the devils out of reach. Humility attracts God Almighty. Therefore, no evils of what ever colour can come close to a leader cloth with the grace of God’s protection.
In march 26th 2015,  ELDER LEKE ABEJIDE FOUNDATION staged an official disbursement of his first phase of N12million to the good people of Yagba federal constituency to reduced the poverty level among a people who are known to be very industrious. He also assisted the indigent students who are making waves in their academic pursuits in the tertiary institutions.
With zeal of self determinations and courage for fulfillment, Elder Leke made the two secondary schools in Alu kingdom a model among the comity of villages and towns in the district as well as granting 10 years free education to all the students since 2014 till date.
He also promotes peace and established cordial relationship among the well-meaning Yagba citizens for the purpose of development of the cherished Yagba land. He single-handedly built a befitted police post in Alu community in order to enhanced adequate security in the area.
Empowerment of indigenes are some of his contributions to further make life better for the people of Yagba and by extension, Okun land.
In a recent interview, the soft spoken business man turned politician said; “It is the interests of my people in Okunland that is paramount… Like I said earlier, I am passionate about the development of Yagba federal constituency, Okun land and Kogi state at large. I will not stand or represent what will not benefit the good people of Yagba land. The position I will contest for must be a platform where I can give necessary assistance to the people of Yagba federal constituency and Okun land. I am not in politics because I want to be there at all cost.”
Since leadership is given power not to advance their own purpose, not to make a grate show in the world,  nor to a name, there is but one just use of power and it is to serve people. Leadership is not wielding authority, it is to empower people.
Elder Leke Abejide Asiwaju was drafted into partisan politics and contested the Yagba House of Representatives primaries but lost to Hon. Sunday Karimi, the incumbent reps member in 2015. A leader’s failure is an opportunity to begin again. more intelligently. It is a part of the learning process.
Acknowledged as a committed and diligent community leader and unarguable pragmatic servant leader by various local and international agencies, organisations and unions, Elder Leke sees the needs for change in the politics of Kogi state in order to consolidate on services delivery and total emancipation of people from clutches of under development into a prosperous state that every citizens will be proud of.
During the electioneering campaigns of APC in the last governorship election that ushered in the current APC government in Kogi state, Elder Leke Abejide organised a befitting reception in honour for Audu/Faleke, the party candidates, in his home town Alu, Yagba East local government area of Kogi state. The reception marked his official deflection from PDP to APC.
Leadership development is life time journey not a brief trip and a leader who develops others will permanently succeed. Elder leke Abejide is a leader with difference and as left a legacy to the good people of Yagba federal constituency.
The most pathetic person in the world is the leader who has sight but has no vision that has led by example not edict.
On 20th November, 2015. Elder Leke Abejide foundation distributed food items, clothes to all the widows in the districts.
Character in leadership is doing what is right because it is right. On 28th December 2015, the Alu kingdom conferred the Asiwaju of ALU kingdom title on Elder Leke.
Through a dint of hard work,  dedication to duty, trustworthiness and determination, he excelled in whatever assignment that he embarks upon. In all the responsibility he had held since in the early 80s to date, it is on record that Elder Leke proved himself a worthy leader and an ambassador.
Between 12th May, 2018 to 16th May 2018, the Elder Leke Abejide Foundation, in conjunction with Kogi state sport council, organised a club football competition across Yagba federal constituency. Since sports development is an integral part of human life, especially the youths in this contemporary society. Asiwaju Leke Abejide has been performing a pivotal role in sport development in Yagba land. He spearheaded and sponsored an inter house athletics competition in some schools with in Yagba federal constituency. His benevolent, philanthropic altitude made him to donate trophies and money for the inter – house athletic competitions across Yagba land. Part of his aim was to discover talents among the youths. He want the youths to be happy, create harmonious relationship in Yagba federal constituency.
Because of the condition of the land where hunger, depression, poverty, under development, poor governance, greed, selfishness and poor feedback mechanism as become the order of the day, Elder Leke also promised that more are still coming apart from the sequence football competition, particularly in the area of poverty eradication, scholarship, bursary, widow and widowers empowerment programs among other in Yagba federal constituency.
Asiwaju Leke Abejide made a public pronouncement to the good people of Yagba federal constituency to relieve parents and promised to pay Senior Secondary School Examination (SSCE) fees for all students in Yagba federal constituency which will commence this coming October 2018 by the special grace of God.
– Olusegun Sikiru

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