Yagba East 2019: The Person and Vision of Sule Iroko

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Ilesanmi Abdulnafiu Sule, a.k.a Sule Iroko, is a graduate of Economics from Bayero University, Kano. He bagged PGDE and MBA from University of Ado Ekiti. He is married with kids.
From a humble, disciplined, refined and Godly background, Abdulnafiu was born into the Sule Iroko Royal Family of Ilafin, Ward 10, Isanlu in  Yagba East LGA.
An entrepreneur of note with sixteen (16) years remarkable experience in ICT, building young brains for self reliance with passion for socio-economic development and human growth, youth reorientation and mentorship.
A focused personality whose concern about the following societal menace with needs to address it with urgent solutions;
* Ever increasing youths idleness/unemployment/restiveness
* Ever increasing youths involvement in drug abuse and involvement in political thuggery killing their potentials
* Increasing youths dropout from Schools at all levels due to parental/guardian incapability in meeting up with educational demands.
* Lack of legislative tool for women economics advancement.
* Total neglects of the aged with legislative clause as regards to health care and other statutory packages to relief there pain
* Infrastructural decay due to negligence which requires constant legislative appraisal of where necessary
Finding long lasting resolves with legislative power, lobby and influence solutions to glaring problems and yearnings of the good people of Yagba East Constituency.
To represent the voice of my Constituency at the State Assembly in raising, appraising, endorsing, lobbying and sponsoring bills that will cater and advance economic status of my constituents, growths and sustainable development in achieving with special inputs for the Aged.
In the advancement of our community for the benefit of this generation, democratic governance has a practice of periodic election. As we approach the threshold of 2019, it is imperative for parties to approach the people in seeking their consent, Goodwill and mandate in providing the much needed leadership for the benefits of our great Constituency.
I stand with the guidance of the Most High, formally informing you of my resolve , conviction in offering myself to represent the common and collective interest of the highly intellectually sophisticated good people of YAGBA EAST LGA as I aspire to contest the HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY under the platform of AFRICAN DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS*
It is glaring that our people are of firm conviction that our party, the *African Democratic Congress* *ADC* agenda is squarely a yearning mainstream for expanding individual freedom through collective inclusive actions. This demands is purposeful believing future entrust in *ADC* is future assured , working hard to deliver the much deserved democratic dividend..
In my selfless committed legislative lobby, purposeful responsibilities shall be carried out in collaboration with Local and international reputable organizations such as Industrial Training Funds, Small and Medium Enterprises development Agency of Nigeria, NGOs focusing on Youth and Women Advancement Programs. Thus taking responsibilities as follows
* Provision of Incentives for Entrepreneurs
* Setting up Skills Acquisition Scheme/Training centres as well reviving existing ones  ( Tailoring, Welding & Vocational Training Opportunities, Cake Baking, Interior & Exterior Decorating /Design, Furniture Making, Barbing & Hair saloon, Garri Frying & Mechanism, Poultry Farming, Farm inputs for Agriculture, Fish Farming , Make Up Empire ETC)
It is pertinent to note that YAGBA EAST is known for its large mineral deposits,  legislative tool will be exploited to rejig its exploration to the betterment and benefits of our land for Economic drive.
These known challenges facing the good people of Yagba East Constituency shall be addressed.
Poor Infrastructure
The dilapidated and deplorable state of infrastructure currently being witnessed around the Local Govt shall be addressed and speedily improved upon in collaboration with well meaning philanthropists, Local Government Authority and State government through legislative inputs and lobby in addition to due consideration of the budgetary allocations to the Constituency projects which shall be made public and executed in conformity with the Budget focusing on:
– Renovation of dilapidated primary schools in each Ward and erecting new once
– Renovation of decaying health care centres in each Ward and erecting new once
– Fixing of collapsed culverts and ducts , building of new ones linking villages in each wards
Inadequate Supply of Agricultural Inputs
Efforts shall be made to assist farmers in each Ward with the following: Tractor hiring Services through LGA , Herbicides, Fertilizer, Chemicals , Improved seedlings and Access to micro credit facilities lobbying Bank of Agriculture.
Inadequate Medical Attention
Provision of free periodic medical treatment for sick persons in collaboration with NGOs and well meaning individuals.
Poor Internal Security
Efforts shall be made through legislative inputs for urgent overhauling of the security apparatus , sponsoring community policing bill as well enhancing existing local govt vigilante group.
Women Advancement
Special policy and bill shall be projected for women empowerment and advancement, reliance   as well promoting equality and equitable distribution of opportunities an create sustainable innovative agenda for productivity and Economic growth.
This is indeed a trying time for us all, a time to safeguard our future and that of our children, the time to correct the past in re writing our future.
The time to consider our plights to elect a representative with a goal, capacity, conscience, someone who lives within and knows where it’s pains. A young vibrant and intellectual mobile capacity with experience to exploit resources for a prosperous, united democratic and secured Constituency, check-mating the excesses of the executive, ensuring duly completions and executions of budgetary allocations and all other functions, privileges attached to the responsibilities as a Member of House Assembly.
YAGBA EAST is no doubts a home of sound intellectuals, professionals of note, captains of industry and a political hub of a Federal Constituency. It is therefor imperative that your mandate must be in care of a sound minded individual capable of bringing desired results.
A responsibility I am well positioned to undertake
Nitori Ojo Ola Wa
– Sule Iroko  Bsc, MBA , PGDE
Aspirant, House of Assembly (Yagba East Constituency)

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