Xenophobia: Africans, We Are One

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Honestly, I am short of words. How did we get here? Why is this happening at this material time?

Should Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyeyere, Miriam Makeba, Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Kwame Nkrumah, Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jnr and a host of others that fought for the liberation of the black race wake up, they would be utterly disappointed by the current generation of Africans.

Despite the huge sacrifice and the efforts of our dead patriots to build a strong and united Africa, we are still our own enemy.

Back down the memory lane, Nigeria, South Africa and most Africa countries have enjoyed a smooth relationship during the early days of Africa independence from the European powers, this was visibly demonstrated by the solidarity support the South African people received from other African nations during the apartheid days.

Why then must we kill ourselves? Why must we hate ourselves despite the racism our brothers are being subjected to in the western worlds. Why have our land become a terror against it’s owns? We have now made ourselves a laughingstock before other races.

Africans, it is time we eschew hatred and violence against ourselves thus embracing love and peaceful resolution of differences for a better, stronger and united Africa.

I commiserate with the families of our brothers who lost their lives in the face of this dastard killings.

Africans, we are one, let’s not kill one another.

– Adeyemi Babarinde Sunday writes from Odo Ere.

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