Why Nigerian Youth Need to Vote Engr Kwankwaso as Nigeria’s Next President

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Comprehensive researches carried out have shown that the youth especially our students have a very crucial role to play in the electoral victory of any presidential candidate. The reasons are not far fetched and this is because the youth and students have impacted revolutionarily many Presidential election all over the world and the Nigerian youths and students are not an exception.

The Presidential campaign organization of Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso of the NNPP is very much aware of the role the youth would play in contributing to the expected victory of the party at the 2023 polls and this has led to the PCC of the party tracking young people’s participation, attitudes and influence at the polls for the party’s victory.

The NNPP Presidential candidate through his Presidential campaign organization (PCC) shows they are really interested in following how much that youth enthusiasm, how much that youths energy from young people and students and reaching out to other young people are going to carry in into the 2023 Presidential election.

Attitude could spark other young people to activate at the polls and that activation is going to favour the most young people friendly Presidential candidate yet seen in the political scene since our return to democracy in 1999, Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso understandably, the youths are now politically aware that until they start going out and be  part of the leadership recruitment process not much would change and it is now very clear that the man that they should vote in block into office as President to lay the foundation for that to happen is the NNPP Presidential candidate.

Unemployment remain high and many young people are worried especially those from struggling families who are now advocating for a President that would cleans the system for social justice and other development iniquities that pervades the system to give way to a brighter future.

That is why today, the youth conversely prefers Dr. Musa Kwankwaso as the next President of Nigeria because they see him as the leader that would solve this.

Many are now aware that one of the voting blocks that are ready to take a different path in the next Presidential election in Nigeria are the young voters as they form a sizeable and sometimes disproportional swath of the Nigerian electorate.

It is their dream to one day live in a country where it is possible for their talents and their dreams to take them far but then they look at the present situation on the ground in the country and come to a collective conclusion that it is only possible with Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso as President and that is a constant reminder to the young people when they walk into the ballot in February.

It is expected that this election would probably be the first time in the history of Nigerian democracy where the youth would make up one of the largest voters and so the candidate backed by the youths like Dr. Musa Kwankwaso have the edge over others because he motivated and mobilises young people because he speaks about those things that are key issues that affects them.

In the 2023 Presidential election in Nigeria it is now generally envisaged that the election cycle is going to be particularly interesting because for the first time since the advent of democracy, we are moving to a situation where the young people’s participation in the voting process would dramatically decide the winner.

It is expected that two thirds of all young voters age 18-29 would support the Presidential candidate of the NNPP and that would sign-post the widest party gaps in youth support since our return to democracy.

The youth see this coming presidential election as a great test of their readiness for the greatness of their future and this are the values that drives their participation in the elections to put that values into action by voting for their preferred presidential candidate which is Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.

The major youth groups in the country each having its own local flavour and answers to it’s community’s young people have endorsed the candidate of the NNPP because all the youth groups in their determinations to work together protecting their future have decided to turn out in support on the election date to bring their choice into reality.

They want to by voting turn out their generations message that they cannot be a demographic that will be waved aside in the leadership recruitment processes for the president of the country.

This is because they have took a glimpse into their future and recognised the fact that Dr. Rabiu Kwankwaso have so much in store for them when he finally becomes president on May 29, 2023.

Their votes for the NNPP candidate of their choice is already rapped up and the youths are ready to move on voting towards a democracy done right through Dr. Rabiu Kwankwaso.

– Dr Isah Ibrahim Salisu
Chairman, PCC, Youth and Student Coordination Committee of NNPP.

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