Why Buhari Maintains Followership, Precursor to His Victory

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President Buhari is the strongest Nigerian Leader Nigeria has ever known.

Kadaria Ahmed hurled the question at him: “ Would you hand over power if you lose the elections”?

He did not think. He returned the answer in firm representation of his personality, “It is almost impossible for me to lose the election. See the crowd?”.

Many Nigerians jeered. Some screeched in agony for a leader who many expect to show weakness in the face of a fight and struggle for power. 

President Buhari has always been positive minded. 

He is astute in belief and firm in conviction. I would tell you why he has that cult followership.

The world is operated by natural laws. It is not operated by prayers to kill witches or scientific prediction about tomorrow. Those natural laws are like the rise of the sun and the setting of dusk.

For example, if you think about poverty always, you will be in the box and influence of poverty forever.

From 84. He took power. 

Undaunted, disciplined- he struck duty- hounding malpractice peddlers into jail and dropping down on illegitimate social and political realities. 

Fear gripped everyone. He is seen as a dictator. He comes from a military background that gives that talk legitimacy. 

But there is a real vision. Buhari is disciplined. He can make the big decisions and clear-away emotions.

In 2003, 2007, 2011- he ran for office. The tripartite greeted him with a loss, still…

He went to the Supreme Court 3 times. His firm belief in the courts resonates in his resolve to expunge the filth from the bench, bar and robe. Although, Nigerians claim they is a better way, this better way, nobody knows because Nigerian masses work on “reactionary” realities. A leader must know that the end of the decision is what matters, not the reactions of Nigerians because most of them don’t also “know”. They only know the symptoms, not the problems. 

Only a dictator like Lee, fixed Singapore anyway. American Democracy cannot do that. The type Nigerians on holidays away from Nigeria always recommend even though they don’t understand it as much as we don’t understand how we have been living as a multi-ethnic and religious country.

Climbing many times as thrice to the apex court shows something- clear belief- after a decided conviction.

Followers under such leaders must develop love in their followership when a display of sterling character is put on placard for the overall chain of spectators.

He is anti-corruption -unbeaten. 

He is firm , strong and has a spine for consistency. This is a rare trait for politicians of prebendal mindset.

Like Abraham Lincoln, he kept at it until he was the appropriate decision without questions in 2015.

Only character and the power of the mind, won Buhari a clutch at the Presidency. 

Today, he is still in the rings. Campaigning more than an opposition. Criss-crossing the length and breathe of Nigeria- touching down base on the most important population statistic- proletariat. 

In the cacophony of elitist opinions, he stays focused. Making the poor and ordinary man for the first time, benefit directly from Government. 

He is seen as charging through his own campaigns. In 2007, a man held the hand of another man to run for elections. 

In 2011, that same man and a body of interests held hands again. In 2015, Buhari’s unwavering followership in the core north besting an over 30m voter population remains tacitly behind him. Displaying unprecedented followership that is cultish. Most times, Love-desperate. 

The chants? “Baba Mageskia”. The household name of what his firm belief, consistency and integrity of character has won him over the years.

To the face of Kadaria, he is not giving up now because the ovation is loud with politicians trying to grab power.

When he says “it is almost impossible”, it is the Can Do spirit of a leader who is hopeful, optimistic and balances his optimism on hardwork.

– Promise Emmanuel (Kogi Rebel)

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