Who Will Echocho Represent in the Senate, Gov. Bello or Igala-Bassa Nation?

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Before I proceed, I will reiterate on propositions from a brother even though they are obviously futile.
Via a riposte to my previous article titled “Echocho for senate; Between Confusion And The Mandate part two”. The writer questioned the objectivity of the prestigious social media Anti corruption crusader – Operation Win Back Kogi State’.
Let me ask my good readers that, by virtue of that name, how exegesis can we for a benighted to discern we are winning Kogi state from politically corrupt, self seeking buccaneers and their agents of mischievous activities? Or do we need the moon to announce to them that the most valuable leadership assets in a democratic dispensation is that which detest godfatherism, kleptocracy and tyranny?
The writer was quoted thus “When such a beautiful pen dropped (drops), one expect issues to be raised concerning the candidate’s qualification to contest, his ability to deliver, his antecedence etc and not which political party or association he belongs to”. To cap these all, I was told Alh. Jibrin Isah Echocho is qualified as a first class graduate of Economics and a highly experienced banker.
Beautiful! But in case you probably don’t know, Echocho is academically qualified for senatorial position as well as a 35 years old secondary school certificate holder by virtue of section 65 (1A, 2A) of the constitution of the federal republic. So what is actually lacking in Echocho is not academic credentials but a will-o’-the wisp which is translated as ‘political will.’
I will be right back.
If Echocho is representing Gov. Yahaya Bello and Edward Onoja at the red chamber, I recline. But if his senatorial ambition is about Kogi East, he must give a detailed account of how much he has enjoyed from the civil servants’ sweat, tender unreserved apologies and decamp to another political party. Only then we can begin to tell him what we want. But to align with a political party that has no respect for the rule of law absurd.
Few days ago, there was a video clip that lasted six hours on social media. In the clip, Yahaya Bello was said to have eulogized Echocho for the test of time he has politically withstood and promised him that under his administration, Echocho’s dream will come through. According to the video; Yahaya Bello stated that Echocho was betrayed by his fellow Igalas.” But when he (GYB) became the governor and Echocho saw what he was doing, he (Echocho) called and said “my brother, you are doing exactly what i would have done if i was given the opportunity. May Allah continue to guide you. As you can see the pattern we are using today is a product of Echocho’s elderly advice.
Fellow Kogi Easterners, does that mean Echocho was the architect behind the predatory activities of this government?- The non payment of workers’ salary,  the fictitious award of road contracts and diversion of public funds.
Well, this is quite a hard nut to crack, but on the other hand, the pact between Echocho and this visionless government is conspicuous.
You see, I am getting disappointed in our youths. Why? Because, the democratic space we are trying to deepen has no spot in their faculties of comprehension. I have preached severally that philanthropic gestures is a no yardstick for genuine leadership. Yet, some buccaneers opined that Echocho’s philanthropic precursors will drive Kogi East senatorial districts to a fathomless heights.
Let me refer these democratic traducers and political gamblers to a certain part of America’s history.
The 37th America’s president, Abraham Lincoln was a very poor man. But his reign is widely considered as the greatest in the presidential history of America. Even when he has personal debts to pay, he still delivered greatly. As a matter of fact, Abraham Lincoln is today regarded as the father of democracy throughout the world.
Key facts;
Now, a discerning mind can understand that, Abraham Lincoln obviously never had the capacity to give employment, scholarship and even free medical care to Americans in his own capacity. Therefore, he was not a philanthropist. But as patriotic American, one thing is sure- INTEGRITY.
Integrity is the supreme force that compels a democratic leader to accountability, transparency and equity. Without it, there would kleptocracy and tyranny. Americans in 1861 never bothered with how much wealth Abraham Lincoln has amassed, they were not perturbed by his poor status. Because they knew integrity was the only credible antecedent.
As far as am concerned, integrity is the sure means to a greater Nigeria, greater Kogi state and a greater Igala/Bassa land.
I can tell vividly of the numerous philanthropists cum politicians that are now the cabal laying Nigeria to waste. Moreover, anyone who thinks Echocho has integrity or is patriotic enough to become Kogi East senator must do the following justice:
1- Can a truly patriotic governor merry while those he governs and even his cabinet members wallows in penury and want?
2- Can a conscience filled leader probably threaten to sack a civil servant who dare to protest for his right?
What about the prove of loyalty that had suddenly enlisted the once peaceful Kogi state among the violent states?
Most importantly, can an integrity conscious political aspirant perhaps, an aspirant who has sacrificed a lot for his people and is willing to do more probably jeopardize the same people by associating with the evil perpetrators above?
It is therefore, crystal clear that Echocho has formed coterie with the lord of Lugard house to murder our hard earned democracy. Even though they knew his antecedents are riddled with character flaws, pervasive vice and amorality. They have laid siege alongside their agents in Kogi East, Kogi West and Kogi Central and will not hesitate to slaughter justice in the mean time.
Fellow Kogi Easterners, we must act now or suffer the perils later.
Echocho’s e-minion mooted that his political party or association is not important. Says who? Even in the religious settings, the kind of people one associates with is sacrosanct to his character/attitudes as seen in 1st Corinthians 15:33 – Don’t be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”
To Echocho, Yahaya Bello, Edward Onoja and all those who pose a clear danger to our democracy i say, Kogi East shall be free someday and you will be called up to give account of your evil deeds. Remember the immortal word of chief Obafemi Awolowo, “Evil deeds can never go unpunished, evil done to man by man shall be redressed, if not by man, then by God, if not now certainly later. For the victory of evil over good can only be temporal.
See you again.
– John Paul
Operation Win Back Kogi State

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