What Nationality Gambles the Most?

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Although the gambling industry is present in pretty much every nation in the world, some of them do favour this pastime more than others. They differ greatly in things like preferred platforms. For example, folks in Nigeria mostly download the 1xBet app and pick them as their bookie of choice, but in the United Kingdom, people are more inclined towards bet365. In this article, we will explore gaming cultures across the globe and finally put an end to the question of which nation gambles the most.


The Land Down Under does not only have lots of venomous snakes and spiders, but also quite a hefty number of gamblers. Here you can wager on sports, play slots and visit numerous casinos all around the country. The one county of New South Wales accounts for more than half of all the poker games in the world.

The “problem,” as the Australian government calls it, is so prevalent that they had to increase their rates of interest. An average Australian loses $1100 each year on gambling. And although it may seem dire, Aussies do have some of the biggest rags to riches stories in the industry, period, which shows just how important passion and resilience can be in a market as chaotic as gambling is.


Although gambling became legal in Singapore only in 2010, the industry here is flourishing. It is highly frowned upon among the locals, with a government-instituted fee of $80 for every citizen who wants to go to the casino. Yet this is not really effective since, just this past year, the average Singaporean lost $1200 from gambling. Still, the industry continues to bring in funding for the micronation’s budget because most of the reported casino visitors are foreigners, who came to Singapore to have some fun. Making the place sort of like The Vegas of the Pacific.


The gaming industry in Ireland is as unregulated as it gets. It is all due to the nation’s Gaming and Lottery Act, which states that only licensed clubs with a paid membership are allowed to provide casino services. However, because it only considers pennies and shillings, which have not been in use since 1999, when they were replaced by the euro as a designated legal tender. Ever since that switch occurred, the gaming industry has not been regulated in any capacity, and the Irish have become one of the biggest punters across the globe. They also absolutely adore betting, with pretty much everyone above the age of 18 placing at least a single bet a week. The Irish favour football as a sport and tend to use British bet365 as a platform on which to wager.


Although Canadians are not too keen on casinos, they do enjoy betting, especially on lotteries. This issue even forced the Canadian government to employ a marketing campaign that was meant to combat the situation.

Despite this, Canadians continue to buy lottery tickets in large numbers. They also caught up with the times and started betting on a variety of online platforms. Among them, DraftKings and Caesars are the most popular. As you might expect, ice hockey and basketball are the most popular sports to bet on due to their prominent local scenes.


Nordic countries do not usually gamble that much, but Finns totally love to do so. And it is no wonder, because prior to 2011, the age at which you were allowed to gamble in Finland was just 15 years old. It does not paint the prettiest of pictures. However, revenue from every casino, lottery or betting platform is heavily taxed, with money being channelled into education, healthcare and public safety. Perhaps it is the best use of gambling money there ever was.


The land of freedom is most certainly the place you think about when the topic of gambling is brought up. Which is totally natural, since we have all heard about Las Vegas and numerous other casinos located within the country. Americans enjoy gambling to an absurd degree. It is very common for them to seek various loopholes in the law to capitalise upon and build casinos, bookmaking agencies, and such even in states where they are outright banned. For example, you can not legally gamble inside the state of Kentucky, but for some reason, waterways, rivers, and lakes are not considered legal territory, and so the crafty folks from Kentucky began re-equipping old steamboats into floating casinos.

In Conclusion

As you can see now, gambling is present pretty much everywhere. Even in places you never thought it’d be in. Which shows just how natural it is for humans to partake in the act of gambling. Despite not every country going Finland’s way, revenue from every bet placed or lottery ticket bought is taxed and goes to finance infrastructure, social security, and more. And if you had a negative attitude towards the concept of gambling itself, we hope that this article made you at least reconsider your opinion, if not look at the industry in a more tolerable light.

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