What COVID-19 Treatment and Recoveries Teach

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Every evening, our country’s center for diseases control the NCDC [Nigerian Centre for Diseases Control] loads our screens with stats about the novel Coronavirus.

Across social media platforms are waiting eyes to view, fingers to share and of course hearts to worry. 

Whereas it may be reasonable to worry about the potential for an overrunning of not just the nation’s medical facilities but the sustained negative impact on the economy, it is important to have a take home that is not only also reasonable but a matter of fact.

It behooves us to therefore consider how far our Nigerian Healthcare system have sailed in the rough and dangerous waters.

Despite its challenges and limitations, our country’s Healthcare system is clearly doing well in its handling of the dreaded Coronavirus disease. 

If we take a few seconds to consider the figures, we’d see how significant it is for us to have recorded about 200 recoveries from such a disease as deadly as COVID-19.

This is a key indicator that our destiny and all its potentials for success have not completely run out of luck yet.

We continue to hold on to these flickers of hope for our future as a people, and letting nothing quench it. We nurture these possibilities by doing our own bits and CONTINUOUSLY demanding improved performance from those who have agreed to take up leadership positions.

And somehow, I have moved into the category of people from whom better performance would be demanded. This is a privilege that I owe to God, His Excellency Yahaya Bello and my good people of Yagba West. 

It is my desire to see more and more young people across the country at the forefront of this awakening. 

Either actively by being hardworking and accountable as leaders, or as social entrepreneurs, we must not let down our nation.

As for you COVID’19, by the power of the Lord and by the unbreakable force of our will, your days are indeed numbered. We will win you very soon. 

– Oshaloto Tade Joseph
SSA Security to His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello (in charge of Yagba West)

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