Water Scarcity in Lokoja Despite the Huge Greater Lokoja Water Works

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By John Peter.
It is disheartening, the fact that Lokoja is blessed with Greater Lokoja Water Works put in place by Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, yet Lokoja now suffer water scarcity, not because the waterworks has malfunction but because the present government under “young and dynamic governor Yahaya Bello with his new direction” is unwilling to provide enough fund for the daily pumping and distribution of water to the people.
Perhaps, the governor is waiting for the procurement and installation of water metres as earlier announced on radio before allowing people access to water, just as he would fish out “fake workers before paying “genuine workers” in an endless screening.
Water is a basic necessity of life, as its provision should form part of the basic program of any right-thinking government at different levels of administration. We all need it for many activities and purposes, particularly at the domestic level, towards encouraging hygiene and healthy living.
Regular provision of pipe-borne water remains a chief challenge that is mostly evident in urban and semi-urban centers throughout Nigeria. Due to present economic hardship, many residents and house-owners are unable to pay the huge amounts that borehole outfits and water tanker operators usually charge.
Despite acclaimed effort at serving the masses, the government do not see water as a necessity of life which must not be toyed with. In Kogi State all is not  well inasmuch as majority of the people, whether Ebira, Igala or Okun, continue to suffer hunger and water scarcity immediately the “dynamic governor” took mantle of leadership.
The “dynamic governor” and his aides should understand that the prayer in the mouth of everybody, at least 99%”, in the state now is that “May God remove Yahaya Bello from our head”.  There is no pretence about it.  The governor should understand the people’s feelings from the jubilation that greeted his rumoured death and attacks on him at mosque, Idah and other places.

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