Wards Chairmen Vote of Confidence on Mopamuro Administrator, A Fallacious Piece

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That Mopamuro Wards APC Chairmen passed vote of confidence on the council boss, Hon. Moses David Sunday is not only untrue but quite unfortunate that it has humiliated the same person it ought to exalt.
The watery concocted piece is also an insult on Mopamuro APC and the entire people because of its nature.
I have it on good authority, having confirmed from Chairmen of most Wards that there was neither a close door nor open meeting that the Wards Party Chairmen met to pass such vote.
Obasun Samuel who expressed the illusion and claimed to be Chairman of Ward Chairmen should please provide facts that such meeting held, Obasun should also tell the public where, when and how he was elected as Chairman of Chairmen.
I may not know why Obasun has decided to humiliate the Administrator, but he should please leave our party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) out of his lies and he should stop abusing the intelligence of our people. The performance of the Administrator will be decided by the people and not his (Obasun’s) pocket via an inexistent meeting/endorsement.
If this is the best the Administrator can offer us, he should give way for better performance.
Anjorin Victor

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