Wada: Making 2015 Easy for Kogi PDP

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With his commitment to translate dreams into reality, and added to some major and significant achievement’s his administration has recorded, many say Capt. Idris Wada, Kogi State Governor is making the road to 2015 easy for Kogi State PDP.  Abu Michael writes.

In the last two and a half years, there has been a system turn around in infrastructure development in Kogi State as Capt Idris Wada from the onset had promised to make the State an investor haven.

This the Pilot turned Governor has achieved through building and rebuilding of infrastructures.

An inventory of his commitment to his promises as encapsulated in his blue print agenda for the development of the State is noticeable in his efforts to turning around the fortune of under development of the State.

Without sounding immodest the consensus of opinion of the people is that the State Governor has done well.

This is based on achievable programs and policies,practical logic and debates as well as altruism of the governor based on his antecedents and character now in public life and in his private domain over the years.

Investigations reveals that the transformation as it relates to infrastructural development is unprecedented such that it is being said all over the State and beyond that the State has never had it so good.

The administration aside equity and justice which it has shown in its project spread across the State, has provided standard projects at low cost that is said to be unbelievable.

For Capt Wada, a strong economy can only be built upon solid infrastructures. Reason why in the last two and a half year there is so much emphasis placed on infrastructures by his administration.

There is also no denying the fact that sound commercial and social infrastructures supports business climate.

Little wonder, the priority and attention Capt Wada had so far placed to the provision of good roads, potable water, boosting power supply and a host of others.

The Governor is severally quoted to have said that his ambition is for Kogi State to become one of the top growing economies in the Country.

Since assumption of office, Capt Wada’s concern has been to lay the beacon on which the State would rest Socio-economically in the future.

One ordinarily would have wondered what the Governor would have wanted to work for if not for posterity.

This is because a peep into the Governor’s life history  reveals that he has been a successful man in his professional calling and business.

Thus, as governor, he is only having his eyes fixed on what history would say about him.

The flagship of the Capt Wada administration is in the Agriculture, and Infrastructure development of the State.  Aside the completion of inherited road projects from his predecessor, Capt Wada has also initiated new ones while he is rehabilitating others across the State.

Also, aside putting in place people oriented policies that has improved well being in communities and the lives of citizens, attracting investors has remained paramount to the Wada led administration.

The high point in the several road construction on going in the State is the 16 km Ganaja- Otokiti bye pass, a road that has opened Lokoja to several opportunities in several sectors.

Also as envisioned in his transformation agenda, in the area of Agriculture, Education, Infrastructure, Human capital development that are key components of his policy thrust, the Governor’s vision has established a knowledge driven Economy that has ensured that skilled manpower is produced through its youth Advancement and other Empowerment Programme.

In about three years of his leadership, the reform advantage on youth empowerment is already being realized as thuggery for which some youths of the State were known for is now a thing of the past.

Significant stride has also being recorded by the present administration in the provision of health care services.

This has been made possible through the renovation of almost all General Hospitals across the State and building of cottage hospitals and upgrade in all health facilities and health institutions across the State.

The administrations has no doubt shown determined efforts to bring health care service to the door steps of the people through its free rural health program.

Capt Wada’s several travels and contact since becoming Governor are now taken time to yield fruits.
The State now play host to foreign and local investors.

Similarly, the State is now constantly in the news for good with the State’s rich untapped potentials and resources now been harnessed and realized.

This to observers is not a mean achievement, rather it was deliberately made possible by an unassuming Governor, Capt Wada.

Elected under the Peoples Democratic Party, Capt Wada’s administration has been instrumental to changing positively the lives of the ordinary Kogite.

This is been made possible through his welfarist programmes that have direct impact on the lives of the people.

Undoubtedly, like every other State in Nigeria, Kogi State is not insulated from challenges.

It will also be fool hardy to deny that the State is yet attain its dream State status.

But rather than passing the bulk, Capt Wada from all intents and purposes has been confronting the challenges with focus, clarity and courage.

In the last few years, we have seen what goals can be accomplished with determination and sincerity of purpose.

From the priorities Capt Wada have set for his administration, we have seen what can be achieved with resourcefulness, innovation and sound management practices.

It is now normal to hear people describe Kogi State in the last few years of this administration as an administration marked by dynamism and action.

For an administration that began with some drama and spectacle of its own, it was clear to Capt Wada that he needed to transcend many obstacles and stigmas that have always dogged governance and stereotypical generalizations about performance in the highest office.

But with insistence that dreams must be turned into reality for the benefit of the State, it is becoming abundantly clear, that every day in the life of the present administration in the State, it is realizing the steps to its transformation agenda with the machinery of governance set by the governor yielding spectacular results.

With a score card that has shown that the development journey has transcended all the major areas of the transformation agenda, and with his determination to take the State to where it ought to be, the concern is for the Governor to accept the genuine offer presented to him by the people to run a second term.

With Yomi Awoniyi, his Co-Pilot Deputy, another term for a PDP led administration will no doubt ensure the realization of making the State rank within the top 10 States in Nigeria and to serve as a model for people oriented development and good governance for which the Wada led administration seem to have set for itself.

Despite the seemingly challenges of inadequacy of funds, snail like success in changing attitudes and shaken off old values of corruption and others in the system that are inimical to good governance by the people,  the Wada led administration has remained focused and unwavering in her commitment to deliver the goods to the people of Kogi State.
This the administration has done by pursuing the spirit of inclusiveness and to ensure that peace is engraved as the enzyme for development, growth and progress of the State.

Also guided by the core values of probity, integrity and accountability, zero tolerance for corruption, Capt Wada in the history of the State seem to be running with a vision that will help build a strong and viable society based on sound moral values and respect for others.

The administration has equally ensured a development strategy that is both inclusive and coherent aimed at minimizing the level of poverty and deprivation, policy and programme instability in all sectors of the Economy.

Without sounding immodest, Capt Idris Wada is a game changer.

This, he has demonstrated through his several interventions that has now made Kogi in the governor’s words “The Economic, Industrial and Tourism hub of Northern Nigeria towards 2020.”

Conclusively, many believe that a Wada and Awoniyi, ticket for 2016, aside making election easy for the PDP, will also ensure the continuous transformation of the State through resilience and unwavering determination.

Abu Michael sent this piece from Lokoja.

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