52 Year Old Man As APC Youth Leader is Discouraging Nigerian Youth – PDP Youth

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All Progressive Congress (?APC) action is discouraging. 52 year old man as a youth leader is retrogressing. So unfortunate that a party that profess to be progressives now discouraging youth from politics.
A 52 years old man is no longer within the age of youth more or less youth leader.   The whole thing is lamentable, this action is capable of causing youth political apathy.
APC is taking Nigerian youth backward, considering the fact that Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) National Youth Leader, Hon. Abdullahi MaiBasira is 31 years old and is canvassing for 30 % youth affirmation in 2015.  
PDP Youth Frontier (PDPYF) laments the inability of APC to organise it’s own convetion justly.  APC had asked Senator Danjuma Goje to produced the youth leader for the party even against the wishes of youth groups in a party.
APC youths have been denied the opportunity to produce their own youth leader as their fate now hangs on Goje to produce whoever he likes from his empire to lead the youth of APC, this is another demonstration of impunity, injustice and political godfathersim.
A party that can’t administer internal justice, equity and justice for it own internal affairs can’t guarantee justice for Nigerians therefore this show of shame and political gangsterism must stop.
It is improper, undemocratic, archaic and outdated for a political party in this new dispensation to award a contract of producing youth leader to a Senator. This is unheard of.
APC convention committee refuse to sell nomination forms to anyone whose name is not endorsed or anointed by the APC godfather this is no longer a political party but money show platform.
How can a party that claims to be a party of the future jettison the future of its younger ones?
In APC the youth were not considered in the scheme of things and that is why the position of it youth leader was given to Goje even without considering the youth that labour for the party from inception. With this injustice prevailing in APC it is capable of discouraging youths from political participation thereby leading to political apathy which is not good for the development of Nation political system therefore we are encouraging APC youth to jump out of a party that has too much crack in it walls.
APC is a party where injustice, impunity and lack of internal democracy prevails. Shows of political godfathersim in APC is capable of misleading.
The party that claims change has become a shameful demonstration of God Fatherism, show of impunity and injustices.
• The party has zoned its positions to powerful individuals within the party to bring whoever they feel it’s right.
• The Youth were not considered in the scheme of things. The position was given to a recently defected PDP Senator from Gombe to bring whoever he wishes.
• How can a party that claims to be a party of the future jettison the future of its younger ones like that?
• The convention committee has refused to sell forms to anyone who is anointed by the God fathers.
• it is a shameful charade called a convention.
APC behaviours has polluted political atmosphere in Nigeria and is detriment and discouraging Nigerian youth from political participation. Youth as a constituency deserves a special place in any political calculation but unfortunately APC is a bad example to Nigerian youth . We are calling on the youth groups in APC who are politically discouraged to come to PDP for proper political participation that will enable them take charge in their political destiny.
APC is leading a bad example, a situation where one man decides party activities from his bed room is evil. PDP is doing well and Nigerian youth are properly considered under the leadership of Hon. Abdullahi MaiBasira, the amiable PDP Youth leader who is carrying every youth along in PDP. For that we are calling on Youth Groups in APC to jump out of the sinking ship before is too late. APC is a disaster waiting to happen for that is a wrong place for any youth to pest their political future, is dangerous, harmful and misleading. A party that teaches youth insult, propaganda, lie and deceit instead of proper political orientation.
PDP door is widely opened to welcome and accommodate Nigerians youth
Usman Okai Austin 
For PDP Youth Frontier

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