Unearthing The Lies Behind Kogi West Agenda

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“We shall say the truth and the truth shall set us free”

Truth is bitter but it is capable of making the world a better place for all of us. No matter how fast lies runs, the truth will surely catch up with it. So, without any form of fear or favour, I will expose the lies behind Kogi West agenda not minding whose ox is gored.

Deceit is one of the weapons used by politicians to control the masses. It is as old as the existence of politics.

While some don’t last, some take eternity to uncover. As seen in the holy books, the first man, Adam was deceived by a snake through his wife, Eve and that’s why the entire human race has to go through turmoil before we can survive. If this can happen to Adam, who was was the first man created to live and enjoy in the garden of Eden, who are you not to be deceived?

Today, there are three governorship candidates from Kogi West struggling to be supported by the people of the axis and Kogi state as a whole but realistically, only one of them is truthful with us.

Others are just acting out the scripts of personal, egoistic and agenda of certain interests in the state. We’ve all been clamouring for a consensus and every attempt made to realise this has failed. This is simply because we are not ready to tell ourselves the truth. Even though, we all know that only one of the candidates genuinely mean business while others are representing certain interests but cunningly building their respective candidacy around Kogi West agenda.

Now, let me unveil the lies behind their claims. It is no longer a story how, in 2015, Senator Dino Melaye deceitifully blocked the chances of Hon Faleke, another man from the same axis from becoming the governor. The reason is not far fetched, he had an agenda to become the fist governor from the senatorial district. He openly supported Yahaya Bello, a man from the Central, who eventually became the governor.

Fast forward to 2023, the same Dino is now out to actualize his dream of becoming the governor and all his hope is now being built on Kogi West agenda.

Unfortunately for him and as rightly said earlier, the truth has now caught up with his 2015 lies and no one is taking him seriously except and of course, those fighting for their daily bread through him. In fact, PDP, the party under which he is contesting has been deserted by several loyalists right from the very day he hijacked the ticket.

Unbelievably, it is also now crystal clear that the same selfish role played by Dino Melaye in 2015 is now being towed by Hon Jame Abiodun Faleke because it is an open-secret that he is putting his weight behind Ododo Ahmed, the anointed candidate of Yahaya Bello just to pave way for him to become the first governor from the West after the 8years of Ododo which will 16yyears for the Central. To cover up this agenda, Elder Leke Abejide, a political godson of Hon Faleke has been asked and also supported by both Faleke and Yahaya Bello to block Kogi West agenda and he is playing the role very well. He is contesting under ADC but secretly working with the APC.

As it stand today, only Olayinka Braimoh of Action Alliance (AA) has a genuine mandate for Kogi West and the entire state. He has no any underlying agenda apart from the progress of the state. This is why his campaign has been issue-based and built around prosperity of the state. His only offense is that he is not a regular politician that lives on lies and his Godfather is nobody but Almighty God. However and as rightly said earlier, the truth behind Olayinka Braimoh’s candidacy will soon catch up with the lies of the other two candidates from the West.

Watch out for part two.

Thank you.

– Olorunfemi Gabriel writes from Lokoja.

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