Tribute: A Memory Filled With Tear for Elder S. K. Laniyan by MD Eseyin

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Elder S. K. Laniyan is a man we wished had never slept this early in the bosom of the Lord.
Even though your demise came so soon and unexpected, we must acknowledge the basic facts that you lived a meaningful,impact filled and well fulfilled life.
The incredible roles you played as one the first advocate of GYB in Okun land and Mopamuro in particular is fresh in our memories. Your leadership qualities and fatherly counsels as the GYB Elders Advisory council representing my (Ward 06) in Mopamuro LGA, will always be appreciated for good.
At “YAGBA ALIVE” where you displayed part of your intellectually and politically sound prowess as the spokesperson for Mopamuro, you found your way into the hearts of numerous human population present there.
Although you are no more with us again, but your Interventions and sacrifices to your community (Orokere) can never be overemphasized and just as your overwhelming legacies still dwell with us, we will continue to remember you for good as the existence of man never clocks to an end.
Good Night Our Great Leader!
Adieu to a reliable pillar of the masses, Elder S.K Laniyan.
– Bashorun MD Eseyin writes from Orokere

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